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In a soft cultural process, my article is very honored to be reviled by everyone, but this does not matter, people, not afraid of someone scolded, afraid of no one scolded. But at the same time, there are more people have reproduced my article, but also someone to add my QQ to ask how to write soft text. These are also the positive affirmation of my article, here I want to thank those who scold me, reprinted me, for advice to my colleagues, is you give me the motivation to continue writing: Well, to the point, we carry on today's topic. Writing also needs to be sized up.

Before this topic, if everyone time is not too tight words can go to my A5 space to see, my article, in general, there are many are A5 recommended. Can you say my writing? Of course not, in reality, writing than Jin Yong more people have to go, but they may have Jin Yong's results? Of course not. The success of the soft Wen is not so much the relationship with writing, unless your writing ability is too poor to speak clearly. The same as the real stutter, so that people can not hear clearly, it is another matter. But such people are still in the minority. Scientists have statistics, people all over the world are almost intelligent, so writing, in fact, everyone is similar, at least to say what they want to say. Unless the people who are engaged in literature can quote the classics, we cannot compare them to the history of this.

Also an ordinary article, some people have made great achievements, there are some people simply no one to see, and even thrown into the garbage heap why? For example, someone else's home funeral, where you sing today is a good day, the host does not beat you a meal you will thank you. The TV show of the loyalty of those who died so fast, not flattering. These realistic thinking, if put into the soft text, can be summed up in four words, do not cut the theme. The whole article thousands of words, did not mention the focus. In primary school, the teacher said we always emphasize to write, to grasp the key, grasp the key. As a result, many students still failed to catch. Well, go to the society, even the people do not have a question, some people are too lazy to think about where the focus, so don't talk about highlighting the point. Everyone is lazy to think, now people are most concerned about what. Only with their own feelings to write, write out the article is recommended by nature very few opportunities. Some time ago, A5 in the holding Bo Hundred excellent contest, don't we all found. Search &seo column where, Bo hundred excellent article was recommended rate is very high. In the forward look, the network rectification, in the A5 is recommended in most of the articles are also related to this,. Even figure capital dissertation, in that big shout, stationmaster to the situation. So, I also wrote an article, tonight I cry for stationmaster. The result is naturally recommended. Because this time most stationmaster is in nervous mood. You write a sentimental article, naturally accepted by everyone. And if you write, stationmaster, today is a good day. Estimated millions of webmaster saliva can drown you. But if you write: I talk about the rectification brings opportunity! The result is different. Why? Reason 1: stationmaster generally is in pessimistic. 2: The webmaster are looking forward to someone to point the way. That's the point. Fully thinking about the environment, and the wanton amplification, this is the success of the soft Wen.

In fact, the above mentioned is very tacky. But it is also very effective. Easy to arouse the sympathetic chord, also can obtain the editor's favor. For example, Fengjie is very hot. If you write a piece of my life around Sister Feng. It's disgusting to think, but almost as long as someone sees the headline and yells. Editors are also happy to publish such articles, because there are a lot of people who like to see them.

Here, I tell a more successful example, although the accident factor occupies the majority, but the success is often in the accident. It's just that you're going the right way, last year (for a long time), World of Warcraft because of the policy reasons, skull pictures are replaced with boxes. My website has published 1 articles about the box. It can also be recommended by World of Warcraft, when nearly 5,000 foreign IPs came in a day, but if I am not in this post like the mouth of the table, the probability of being recommended is almost 0.

In speaking of an example, at that time, Warcraft was criticized by experts to the pieces, leading to social space for the online attention. At that time, I have to search for information on the online industry report. It was the first time I had posted this post to Eric. It is not easy to be recommended to the homepage by Eric because the person who has published the article should be clear. It's hard to be on Eric's first page.

In fact. As long as you pay close attention to the major sites are recommended articles, almost all of the current topic. We in A5 weak Wen, as long as the rhythm with this A5 walk, as long as the text point of view can also, Text Express clearly. The chances of being recommended are still very great. This is the composition of the situation, so that you have the basic factor of the success of soft paper. Thank you, and keep firing on me with your saliva. There's nothing to be ashamed of.!-=

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