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There is a saying good, 工欲善其事, prerequisite, the use of tools to create a Web site is certainly very convenient, and I today is to introduce you can directly in the SWF file to modify the link tool.

Will not make flash we are not afraid, we can use ready-made flash, online flash resources are many, but we find the flash is not very suitable for our use, such as some flash on the link with his site. I see a lot of this.

On the internet there is a chat room registered CPA mission, he is using a full station flash, there are a few beautiful women in the video chat screen, after about a few seconds after a click on the registration of a link, if we directly take this flash to use, it must not be, after all, there are people on the link , then some webmaster will use when the Wizard of the anti-compiler tool, although this software is powerful, but not all of the Flash can be decompile success, that is, you do not have to compile success after the original is not necessarily the same touch, What's more, now the animation produced by the high version of the Flash production software can not be properly decompile. Therefore, the above method is not feasible in any case.

Here I recommend a very small tool URL Action Editor, software screenshots (pictured)


One can directly modify the SWF based on the Flash link address.

The specific use of the method is to click on the top of the menu bar file--> open (select you want to modify the connection of the Flash file)--> after the change point Save As or press the shortcut key to F2 on it. Article Source: Luoyang website construction.

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