The annual tax deduction of 8000 yuan in 3 years

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The 25-Year-old Liang is now studying at Jilin University of Finance and Economics. 2009 after the exam, he and several students to carry out the food delivery business. More than two years later, deduct the necessary expenses, each month his net income has 5000 yuan ~10000 yuan (the short season income disparity is big), now, his business expands to sells the book and the electronic product and so on. What is the biggest problem for college students to start a business? MA, director of the school's Employment Guidance Center, said the most crucial thing is funding and venues. In his view, the amount of small-secured loans is too low for college students to start a business and not solve the real problem.  The guarantee condition is too strict and should be relaxed appropriately. There are new preferential policies for college graduates to start their own businesses.  Recently, the Ministry of Education related officials revealed that, since January 1, 2011, the graduate year of college graduates in the period of entrepreneurship, can apply to the University of college graduates independent business certificate. The specific contents of the independent entrepreneurship policy of college graduates are to hold "Employment Unemployment Registration Certificate" (annotated "Independent business tax policy" or adhering to the "college graduates independent Business card") graduates engaged in self-employed (in addition to construction, entertainment and sales of real estate, transfer of land use rights, advertising, housing intermediary, sauna, massage, internet cafes,  Oxygen bar), in 3 years per household in accordance with the limit of 8000 yuan each year in order to deduct the actual tax, urban maintenance and construction tax, education fee plus and personal income tax. According to the Ministry of Finance, the State administration of taxation issued by the "Support and promotion of employment related tax policy notice", graduates from the year of graduation from the three years of independent entrepreneurship, can enjoy tax deduction of preferential policies.  Among them, the university graduates in the school period, can apply for the university graduates "independent Business certificate", after leaving school, can be directly to the entrepreneurial district and above the county Social department to apply for the issuance of "Employment unemployment registration certificate" as a certificate of enjoyment of the policy. The reporter learned that the colleges and universities have received the notice issued by the Education Department, and soon the application of "college graduates ' self-employment certificate" will be carried out in colleges and universities. Newspaper reporter Eiling
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