"The Banquet of the populace" and the regal dinner

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Washington (reporter Didona) last night, the civilian dinner and regal dinner at the same time. "The plan called for 56 people to participate and the result was more than 500 applicants. Organizers Wang Yifei said there were too many applicants, and their phones were replaced with three batteries.  Even if there is no seat, many people are willing to stand in the event. 5 O'Clock last evening, the National Park Express Holiday hotel a floor hall, two sets of long table placed in the center of the scene. "Buffett" and "Gates" brand impressively placed in two rows of table head, but the seat has been empty. Before the civilian dinner party through the media to the two people to send invitations. The rest of the seats were full, and people were constantly checking in and had to add seats on one side of the long table.  Nearly 100 people attended the civilian dinner, involving white-collar companies, corporate bosses, college students, civil servants, doctors and other industries. "The scale is by no means smaller than the ' Bobby ' dinner, the only difference is that none of our money adds up to a rich man's wealth."  One participant said. After the dinner was officially started, dinner was a 38-dollar buffet, which was discussed at the table. "Anyone who has anything to say, talk freely, discuss ideas, tell stories, as long as it involves charity." "Wang Yifei said," Not only to talk about charity, but also make friends.  "The atmosphere of the event was very warm, people stood up to tell their stories, and some people gathered to share their experiences." Ming, a 77-year-old retired old man, insisted on charitable month's donation. He brought 56 copies of the "billion-month donation action proposal" to promote 100 million people to participate in the monthly donation of 10 yuan activities. He said: "Everyone can participate in charitable activities, do not care how much to donate, care about how many people attend." So, I am very supportive of the voice of civilian philanthropy. ”
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