The big market drops down high cross stars hint of a great shock

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Shanghai yesterday to 2900.57 points high, the plate to 2923.24 points, the end of the city down to 2896.3 points close, the high negative cross star, turnover of 150.368 billion yuan; Shen Chengzhi End plate down 51.58 points, to 11190.7 points, turnover of 74.56 billion yuan.  The state-owned shares have not been the driving force for the market to continue to do long, instead of stimulating capital fled. Bank stocks soared yesterday as bank elephants danced to the limelight. In particular, the three major lines of work, middle and construction of the recent continuous rise in the current round of rare. Bank of China continued to rise sharply by 4.9% per cent yesterday, closing at the top of the day, with light, comparable to small stocks. In addition, the Nanjing Bank rose 7.91% per cent, the biggest share in bank shares yesterday.  followed by the Bank of Ningbo Rose 6.55%. According to the media, credit in the first 20 days of June was more rapid than the same period in May, the new credit in June is expected to exceed May, the first half of the new credit will exceed 6 trillion yuan a few as a foregone conclusion, will exceed the year's expected new credit level. In addition, Premier Wen Jiabao said in Sunday that China's economy is at a critical stage of a steady rebound, and will unswervingly continue to implement an active fiscal and moderately loose monetary policy to fully implement the package of responses to the international financial crisis.  The news boosted the performance of yesterday's bank shares. In addition, yesterday, Liu Steel shares in early trading, driving yesterday's iron and steel stocks ahead of the rally.  However, most of the other stocks were significantly weaker than in the early days, with a sharp fall in the number of pharmaceutical stocks that performed well last week, but the Hualan creature, which announced the successful production of the country's first swine flu vaccine, fell first and then rose 5.05% per cent yesterday. Technical surface indicators need to be revised yesterday Shen Chengzhi fell, and the Shanghai Composite Index has risen, showing the market differentiation increasingly trenchant. At present, the market is the internal structure of large stocks continue to rise, and many small plate subject shares face the pressure of correction. Yesterday, a large number of shares fell larger, is not common recently.  It is particularly worth mentioning that, in addition to the large majority of pharmaceutical stocks yesterday, the previous hot coal stocks also fell in general. Currently, is about to enter the disclosure period, has announced the interim results forecast of more than 600 listed companies, more than 60% of the company year-on-year negative growth. In addition, according to the latest data, the state-owned enterprises in May the cumulative profits fell 30.3% Year-on-year, it is noteworthy that May than April quarter-on-quarter decline 7.5%. The data is in stark contrast to credit data. It can be thought that the market can rebound so long, such a large scale, toughness so strong, ample liquidity is the most important factor.  As long as there is no reversal of liquidity, the market will be hard to downgrade. However, it must be pointed out that such a scale of credit has historically been rare and unsustainable. Recently, the State Council Development Research Center, Deputy director of finance Bashusong said that from the domestic and foreign financial situation, the formation of asset bubbles has gradually become the conditions.  In this analysis, the current bubble is forming, but there is no time to rupture. Market, the current good rate of good off has been high,It is not easy to enter. But once the market adjustment, can still appropriate timing intervene.  Special attention should be paid to the report may bring unexpected favorable plate, such as banking, real estate, commercial, building materials and so on. Each integrated
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