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June 15, 2009 Night 2:53!

Update the content today! Bored sitting in front of the computer, thinking of the back and forth of the station, really a myriad of thoughts!

Don't be busy first! It's been 8 months since we started the site. At the beginning of our agent is a digital products, taking into account the need to do a website, because to publicize our products! This station is to do to promote the product. However, for a variety of reasons, product sales are not good. It is therefore intended to abandon the digital product project.

Blink of an eye to April 09. Our website has gone to high quality music to share this path.

When you first started making high quality music. That's (van--This is the first time we did it). Because everyone's appreciation level gradually improve, so this road is still quite feasible. Then, find the source code, write procedures, find resources, busy for 2 months. Finally, it looks like a bit. PV is now about 5000 daily, IP500 around. Although not very high. But a 2-month-old result is the same as our expectations.

Personally think, if you want to do a regular station, popular station, the following points must be paid attention to (of course, I'm just a rookie, said the wrong place to ask the old bird a lot of guidance)

1. Website interface.

The website interface is like a person's face, if you are sloppy sloppy, messy, presumably you will not be popular anywhere. The same is true for Web sites. Refreshing and personalized interface will greatly improve the affinity of the site. Will make people remember you. So the site do not make so many colorful ads and so on, and occasionally pop-up some ads and so on, and some download station, so that people can not find the download address, just imagine, so many of the download address point out are ads, users will come again next?? This kind of website is also the most annoying.

2. Website advertisement.

The website advertisement can put, after all, the advertisement is our grassroots website main income source. However, to put the upright. To make the customer understand, where my site is advertising. Let them see plainly. This is no disgrace. There's no need to shrink. Customers understand.

3. The stickiness of the website.

The website stickiness can use the simplest one data to embody: is the PV and the IP ratio. You can say that the greater the ratio, the higher the stickiness of your website. Users will also choose to come to your site next time. This index is closely related to the above 2 points. But the most closely related to this indicator is the following 4th: website content.

4. Website content.

Before you say the content of the website, what kind of service does your station provide to the customer? Will this service enable customers to find what they want? Only by clarifying what their station provides, can they do it for a long time before they can have more repeat customers. Although this problem is very simple, but most of the webmaster do not know what to do this station in the end what to do? Rely on what to attract customers. The unpredictable change, today heard that this thing can bring traffic to do this, tomorrow and heard that thing to money, and changed. In exchange for a change, which are not fine. For example: We do is high quality music download, then we 320k below the music is not done, MP3 only do 320k, non-destructive only do ape and so on. You're the only one who's got the top. Your site will be famous (popular point). will bring more traffic. We're not portals, and we don't have a lot of employees to do these things. We can't afford the expense! Like we do high quality music, do better with the Chop Suey Music Forum, the Wind Music Forum, 80 Music forum, etc. are very good stations. Why are they doing so well? Specificity! (Of course, they are our competitors, but, good is good, this fact is not change)

Someone here is going to ask, are they not your competitors in high quality music? Why are you praising them? That's what I'm saying, because there are so many people out there that this piece of cake can be done. What we want is a benign competition. Instead of you slander me, I slander you. (The state is a little high, everyone forgive Kazakhstan, by the way praise!).

5. Update.

The renewal of the website is one of the important lessons that stationmaster must do every day. Three days fishing fishing. No way. If your station conforms to the above 4 articles. Keep updating every day. 2 years later, your station does not make money, you come to me! Some people say, 2 years of time, very long ah! Remember to stand to insist, bogey impetuous! Or two years later, you still have nothing!


More than 10 hours a day in front of the computer, no rest day, ordinary people can not imagine the loneliness, all day thinking about the site's way out. This is our grassroots webmaster. Although efforts are not necessarily rewarding. At least we have a belief that there is a hope. There is no hope, it is terrible! Even if we see a glimmer of light, we all have the hope of survival. Or that sentence: to adhere to, bogey impetuous!

It's time to go to sleep! I like to make friends with the Webmaster Friend add qq:190384834 together to discuss!

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