The concept of "stationmaster" is either subversive or abandoned

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Know webmaster friends too much, make more money, less money, big, small, all kinds of know a lot, and occasionally also as a webmaster call, today received Zhang (sing "webmaster" magazine editor) sent a magazine, filled with emotion, don't spit unhappy.

What is "stationmaster"?

The concept of webmaster is actually more suitable for small or medium-sized personal sites or part-time site owners, this group of people can often independently complete the site construction, can be a site Shanzhai, some successful people have embarked on a commercial road, such as website construction, website optimization, famous for the Huajun, Teddy Boy, springs, etc. Programmers don't usually want you to call him a webmaster, because that would be considered not a level-a programmer, and the boss of an internet company is more reluctant to be a webmaster, and more likely to be called the founder-founder. "Stationmaster" Just like peasant, once go out, make a fortune, few want to say oneself is peasant, urban and rural difference.

The concept of "stationmaster" is either subversive or abandoned

"Stationmaster" This concept, either in the copyright and commercial developed today's Internet sank, or must be with the times, the concept of innovation to give meaning, because this era has not belonged to the past "webmaster". Some old webmaster always put "insist" hanging on the mouth, but everyone again: The stationmaster insists? Insist on collecting, insist on spam? Insist that the great Baidu under a little money?

Webmaster, founder, Product Manager .... Do you think Matt, the famous founder of WordPress, is called Webmaster right? and our "webmaster" concept is often too vague, caused the personal stationmaster's occupation to locate the vacuum, caused "what will" the "nothing" embarrassing situation. We all know a reality: the number of personal owners who make money to feed themselves is relatively small, one months to earn hundreds of is relatively good, and how many months mixed a 100-dollar payment, 80% of the webmaster must get rid of the false dream of being a webmaster, must go professional and professional, only in order to make money, support the family, Filial piety way.

A new formulation of the concept of "stationmaster"

Liu Huafang Mixed internet circles also have a few years, big and small CEO also saw a big basket, all sorts of strange, also did a section stationmaster, so want to tell everyone else I don't tell him the intimate words, you think what brother Said is right, you do well, feel that said nonsense, when I put fart.

Stationmaster Occupation Three position: build, specialize, sell. Building is a special station, honestly master the basic skills, not opportunistic, take the enterprise service line, specialized, focus on a class of industries, for the industry for information processing, to do an industry of internet experts, have the right opportunity to cut into the traditional industry; sales, is Network marketing, focus on network marketing, optimization, planning, calculation, Control and so on from low to high marketing career route.

Webmaster Three bogey: contempt technology, contempt of original, contempt peers. This three bogey is some of my past experience and some webmaster friends found in the problem, the following analysis. Contempt technology, some webmaster eager neither want to learn art drawing, also do not want to learn basic Web page code, even a CSS will not, what technology do not want to learn, do not as stationmaster, without learning to go straight home to sleep; contempt for the original, this is the past is very normal, now very abnormal phenomenon, the name is not right, the word is not smooth, Everyone carefully to see the development of independent blog in the last two years to know that the original strength cannot stop, past past, now contempt of the original has not much mass base (formerly content in the portal, now content in the individual, the content of the transfer of power); Wang said "Do it not face", but stationmaster this group to reproduce magnificently, rely on these tricks is useless, unity, common progress, mutual respect is fundamental ah.

Webmaster Growth: Open, progressive, good people. Open, is to constantly change the train of thought, from different angles to think about the problem, not all day to the computer, such as Baidu Spider, learn to jump to see the problem, motivated, to learn, to better than their own learning, not all day and their own level of people, Hua said "chess to find a master", how to find, someone must ask. Good people, a good person, humble little man, to learn to communicate, not all day behind closed doors, do not do evil. I met a child, add me IM, did not say who he is, the pledge asked "you put Zhou Hongyi mobile phone number to me," whisper asked "the person so do not know the basic etiquette, Zhou an angel investment to you, he will be assured?". To find celebrities and cattle must pay attention to politeness and skills, to know that others are not customer service, war and a preferring, you say?

Want to subvert the webmaster will not hesitate to use the traditional profession of professional management to ask themselves, want to abandon the desperate to learn, to do manager, founder.

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