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Recent stock market continued to plunge, but the trend of the stock has a lot of bright spots.  Prior to the usual exchange of flat sea control (002184) since November 8, a number of consecutive trading days of high turnover rate, the characteristics of large volume, the city continued to strengthen, which caused some speculation in the industry. 17th according to the same flower shun trading system monitoring, the sea control at about 10:30, the initiative big single buy 42792 hands, large single net (DDE) 0.644, the two cities ranked 11th.  Sanle, a representative of maritime control Securities, told China Securities News reporter that the current company's operating surface has not changed, the fan converter is still in the serialization of research and development and testing stage. Not clear that executives do not reduce the November 8 is almost the sea to control the trend of the watershed price. Prior to this, the company in the two market performance smooth, the daily turnover of about 30 million-8 million yuan, the daily turnover rate is also only between 3%-8%. And after November 8, the sea had to control suddenly favored by the market, the daily turnover rate of up to 15%.  In the second wave of November 15, the sea had to control the transaction amount is as high as 340 million yuan, closed the contrarian rose 4.98%.  Industry analysts say from the plate, it is clear to see a large fund in the intervention of the sea control, the day of the initiative to buy more than 5000 hands, which in other large stocks may not be anything, but for the sea to control such a total share of 220 million shares of shares, the intention to intervene is obvious. On November 16, sea control ushered in a 45.27 million-share ban, which accounted for 20.6% of the company's total equity.  However, this has not caused the share price to fall, but has pulled the inflation. Sanle told the China Securities Daily that all of the lifting stocks were directors and executives of the company, and the 3-year period of the listing had arrived. The shares, with a total of 9 shareholders, had previously left 2 executives and had to be sold six months after leaving the company.  At present, the lifting of the shares are reduced, the company has no certainty attitude.  Market betting "may" get big orders according to the Sea Control October 29 issued three quarterly report, the company in the third quarter earnings per share of 0.02 yuan, the first three quarters earnings per share is only 0.097 yuan, which is the company's November 2007 listing since the worst performance period, but the share price has hit a record high. According to Shanxi Securities November 3, the latest research reported that the Sea control 1.5MW, 2MW products have been completed research and development and testing, is currently entering the actual wind farm test, is the only domestic brand through the low voltage through functional testing products, technology in the domestic leading.  Forecast company 2010 earnings per share of 0.26 yuan.  Sanle to China Securities newspaper reporter said that the development cycle is not in the product itself, but to the specific products of each manufacturer running-in, is still in the factory's actual wind field test, the result of a lot of uncertainty. In fact, last November, the Sea control announced the successful development of independent intellectual property rights of the 1.5MW doubly-fed wind power transformerFlow device.  Sea control before and after the use of 4 years to carry out preliminary work, however, up to now the number of orders have not reached the requirements of the letter. At present, fan converter mainly relies on imports, the market for domestic substitution is full of anticipation and imagination.  However, according to the current Sea control development progress, even if the end of the year to obtain orders, at least until 2012 years will have a clear benefit. According to Shanxi Securities more optimistic forecast, 2011 sales number 100 units, the company's performance increased contribution to 0.03 yuan/share, the company's earnings per share is expected to be 0.38 yuan, compared with this year's growth will not be very obvious.
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