The drama edition "The Condor" the crazy adaptation initiates the collective to spit the trough love reading pushes the original works to relive the martial arts classics

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Recently, the film and television circle the most interesting thing is the new version of "God Carved man" began to launch, walked down the altar of the Little Dragon Woman, the next door, the embodiment of the plump aunt, the picture is too beautiful to look at. In addition, the original plot of the bold adaptation, but also triggered a group of netizens happy Spit, such as Hong Seven public also talked about the abuse of heart love, such as Yang over the merry race Xiaobao, such as Yin Zhiping renamed Shi C ... Let a lot of viewers say see the new version of "God carving" after the whole people are not good. "Just saw a few episodes of the new God carving, was adapted after the plot of the outside of the coke is tender, now I was misled almost even the original content to forget, delay the urgent, quickly download a few of Jin Yong's novel Evil Fill." "A netizen saw the play in the Micro-blog message, unexpectedly get hundreds of people support and point praise." Of course, some people are welcome to the new version, they think that the original familiar story frame revision, is the inheritance of Jin Yong Martial arts culture, but also a trans-era exploration and innovation. After all, martial arts dramas need a little imagination, especially in the strange and bizarre lakes. Industry analysis, the old version of Jin Yong drama condensed too many people's collective memories, can let a person involuntarily in awe and yearning, the new version of "God carved" such a drastic adaptation, perhaps in order to please the more than 00 after not read Jin Yong Gu's audience, but rely on the culture of the pop element is not durable. According to the hundred read, and reading, love reading, such as mobile reading Terminal data show that in recent days to the martial arts category of E-book downloads, including the "Condor Heroes," "Shoot carving Hero Biography," "Tianlong eight" and many other Jin Yong classic Download High, is the best proof of the audience collective nostalgia. From the heat of film and television to the hot novel, mobile reading app has incarnated as the best window for the public to understand the works and track the culture. According to love to read the relevant person in charge, the paper media to read the exquisite packaging and expensive prices, so that the distance between the public and reading gradually drift away, now to mobile phones, tablets as the representative of the rise of digital reading, once again put the public back to the books. With the development of mobile Internet, the original cold reading market has been completely awakened, and mobile reading has become one of the best ways for people to understand society and track fashion, and it is no longer a simple individual behavior. Not only that, many readers, reading the app Brain to supplement the book, also will read as the other book friends and important channels of communication. Like reading offers of intelligent book pick, personalized bookshelf, web Amoy books and other sections, readers can use the book to share a key to micro-blog, micro-letter, can also bask in the harvest of other people evaluation, of course, can also visit others Bookshelf home page to find the latest and most beautiful books. This social reading model not only pioneered the industry, but also greatly improved the experience of book friends, in the domestic digital reading market has a unique advantage. Of course, the push to send Jin Yong martial arts classic just love reading a small part of the smart book, it can also through large data operations to select other users interested in the bibliography, a variety of wonderful books collection so that people can not stop, unlimited stimulate the reader's desire to read. Want to know or download the latest bibliography, you can directly focus on loveRead the official micro-letter, there is a door to the treasure of knowledge is slowly opened for you. Love to read the official website: to love reading official micro-letter, enjoy the latest book single Push, participate in activities will have the opportunity to get a gift point, quickly to sweep it!
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