The Electric merchant Navy brushes the comment to be fined 500,000 yuan

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Abstract: The electric dealer fictitious trade, false mark volume, false comment as well as the disorderly yell clearance price, bids to sell, intends to impose the highest penalty which the illegal income 10 times times fine; no illegal income, the maximum fine is 500,000 yuan. The State Administration of industry and commerce yesterday punished the infringement of consumers ' rights and interests

Electric dealer fictitious trade, false mark volume, false comment and disorderly yell "Clearance price", "Sale price", propose to be fined 10 times times illegal income, the maximum fine is 500,000 yuan. The State Administration of Industry and commerce yesterday on the "Consumer Rights infringement measures (draft)" Open for comments. Before October 4, the public can feedback.

Can't yell at the price of jumping

"Jump price", "vomiting Blood", "original single authentic" ... Some businesses in the promotion of goods, yell ads can not be said not to let people "moved", but it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. The method expressly stipulates that the information provided by the operator to the consumer of goods and services shall be authentic, full and accurate, shall not be false "clearance price", "Sale price", "Lowest price", "preferential price" to express the sale of goods or services, shall not be false "premium", "repayment of Sales", "experience Sales" Selling goods or services in such a way as not to falsely sell "substandard", "defective goods", "reject" and other commodities in the name of authentic products. In addition, no false or misleading on-site instructions and demonstrations shall be made.

Online shopping review to decide whether the following is a lot of online buyers experience, but online shopping commentary "Fishy" a lot, even look very hot deal number can also be faked. In accordance with this provision, the operator shall not use fictitious trade, false mark turnover, misrepresentation or hiring others to induce deceptive sales. Otherwise, it will be punished in accordance with article 56th of the Consumer Rights Protection Act.

No Hair business information

Buy a product after leaving the mobile phone number, frequently received the business promotional messages, almost every consumer has experienced things. Protection of consumer personal information, the method stipulates that the operator shall not collect or use consumer personal information without the consent of the consumer, and shall not disclose, sell or illegally provide personal information collected to other persons, and shall not send commercial information to the consumers without the consent or request of the consumer or the explicit refusal of the consumer.

Cannot deliberately delay the return

In respect of the exchange time of consumers ' care, the "measures" stipulates that the goods or services provided by the operators do not meet the quality requirements, consumers may according to the state regulations, the parties agreed to return, or require the operator to perform replacement, repair and other obligations. Without the provisions of the State and the parties agreed, consumers can be returned within 7th from the date of receipt of goods.

"Measures" stipulates that the use of network, television, telephone, mail order and other means of sales of goods operators, should be in accordance with the provisions of the law to bear the obligation of unjustified return, shall not deliberately delay or unreasonable refusal. The method lists the cases where the merchant deliberately delays or refuses unreasonably, including: for the application of goods without reason returns, the operator has not handled the return formalities more than 7th from the date of receipt of the customer's request for return; the consumer returns goods intact, the operator to the consumer has opened, inspection for the reasons, refused to

Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Act 56th: The operators of false or misleading propaganda, in addition to the corresponding civil liability, other relevant laws and regulations on the punishment organs and the way of punishment, in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations; shall be ordered to be corrected by the Industry and Commerce Administrative department or other relevant administrative department can be in accordance with the plot list or at the same warning, forfeiture of illegal income, sentenced to 1 time times more than 10 times times the illegal income of the following fines, no illegal income, punishable by 500,000 yuan below the fine; serious, ordered to suspend business rectification, the revocation of the license.

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