The era of the great sailing and the letter in Nagano, the audience of the crowd was outraged

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November 26, by the operation of the "big sailing times Online", "The letter of the wild look ol" Suddenly closed the game, forum, official website, did not make any explanation, all the players were outraged. There are netizens in the forum to explode material, said "preach the glorious unilateral cancellation contract, the big aviation Hisense long again closes".  As of press, "big sailing Times Online", "Letter long Wild look ol" game server, official website, forum, etc. still cannot open. November 26 evening, there are netizens posted on the forum, "November 26, 2010 after 16:00, the glorious formal refusal of the proposal of the Rong, unilaterally terminate the contract, thus, the big sailing times ol, letter long of Wild look ol again closed down."  The post also said that "since the Glory is not (again) to the middle wing to provide the monthly card, point card, Zhou Ka began, the company has been in and glorious negotiations, glorious aspects due to high-level changes, lapel Kukawa again elected president, the development strategy shifted, there may be glory will be withdrawn from the Chinese market", and "Sino-Rong Company faces closure." Mid-wing cruise letter long OL Forum before the moderator brave steamed bun in the Ronin forum Post said, 26th 17:00 in the official notice of the parade staff, the parade closed, its agent products "Big sailing age ol letter long of Wild look ol" no longer continue operation, 17:15 in the parade room break network big sailing age OL  Letter long of Wild look ol thoroughly close the suit.  Large sailing and letter long players gathered forum, bar, the stop service incident launched a heated discussion, there are suggestions for collective rights, there are suggestions to continue to wait for official news, a time of disagreement. Player bayern1985: If the letter long OL National Service has died, many loyal mainland players are the biggest victims. Our investment cannot be measured by money alone, because in this game we have our youth, friendship and unforgettable memories. protested without notice, and even went bankrupt. This is a relentless trampling on the rights of loyal players. In fact, Cola only on the line to commemorate the desire, nothing more. There is no feast for the world, but at least it should be good to loose. Personally think that Glory should bear the main responsibility, you find small agent operation, still refused to put into help propaganda, just want to make money, but skinflint. Good games can also spoil you, and it serves you right.  You hurt the heart of a loyal player and won't end well. Player Dorothy: How many people, in last night lonely and long Night cry, how many people, remember the letter long ol in a section of a beautiful past, how many people in the dream, again meet letter ol, dream It did not fall, our letter long, our hope, our new stars are back. There must be a lot of people like me. Up early in the morning to open the letter long ... Sad. Calm down ... Without the letter long, but the life continues, the loneliness and emptiness is also let you feel life monotonous a lot? I still do not give up, I will continue to open the letter every day long server, open the official website to see. Our feelings are so dark wing trample, indignation Ah! Say God horse to the Nova, god horse close le City, is toTo cheat us out of our last fortune? This 2 days too trance, a sudden blow, suddenly disappeared.  The real horse is a cloud! Players Zhuge small: More than a year of waiting to become another parting, five years of mental process can only be broken in the dream, Memorial letter long: than the tears and gentle song, like the warmth of sadness, although understand that the world is not so simple to turn, still want to quietly purify the dark, try to go on, even if the slow to approach, the most like the dream of the fragments of people  , constantly searching for the shape of love depicted with thought, for you, perhaps there is nothing difficult to do, but even so want to touch, that is like the warmth of sadness, Gollum spinning globe, Gollum spinning time, at the end of the world, in the desire to love the place to dream. Players have to stand up: I am ready to bring up a lawsuit against the glorious. 4 years Glory 2 times to stop serving. In the case of not issuing a notice not expressly inform the user under the premise of not performing with the user's payment service agreement unilateral termination of service. resulting in the vast number of players spent years of time to spend a lot of money accumulated intangible assets in vain. The damage is incalculable. Now recruit national Service players jointly filed a lawsuit.  Recover our losses and let glorious companies be justly punished.  Attachment: National Service "the letter Long Wild Hope Online" event review (by the player collation) September 24, 2004 Japan Glorious (KOEI) company held a press conference, announced "the letter long Wild Look Online" (Windows version) and the Sino-Japanese first cooperation to enter the mainland China.  March 25, 2005 letter long Wild look ol mainland official website opened, letter of the wild look ol and World of Warcraft is known as the most anticipated this year's two online game of the June 3, 2005 letter Long of the wild look ol The activation code issued June 7, 2005 letter Long Wild look ol open Client download  June 9, 2005 0 O'Clock letter long of the wild look OL began the first time in the June 9, 2005 17 o'clock because can not meet the strong desire of the players, in the first decision to register/activate the system of the line for a wide range of expansion adjustment, so that the vast number of players successfully user registration and game activation. July 11, 2005 letter Long of the wild look ol two times in a test account to keep the February 18, 2006 letter Long of the wild look ol end of February 25, 2006 in the first decision to open a server for the North 2 group, South 3. North: The Mass biography, the Wind and cloud record.  South: The Mass biography, the Wind and cloud record, Overlord biography.  February 28, 2006 began the public test, the scene of the hot November 15, 2006 began to merge the server, the final integration for the telecommunications innovation, Netcom, the letter of the creation of the ONLINE2.0, the long wild hope to launch, the State service to reproduce the vitality May 1, 2007 letter Long Wild Hope online official ban bug role, players all applauded June 10, 2007 outgoing SXM senior turnover,The company into the plight of agents, the major sites have been reported June 17, 2007 SXM Yang in the official online release announcement, about the SXM personnel adjustment, the player mood slightly back to slow July 2, 2007 letter long Wild look online real name registration system to start, again let the player see the game will extend the hope July 17, 2007 letter long Wild Wang Online official forum update, Strange interface August 7, 2007 letter Long Wild Hope Online Network network Network suddenly stop the service, telecom service immediately into chaos, closed to cover the player August 8, 2007 letter of the Wild Hope Online network finally issued stop service notice  , the telecommunications server shutdown, the player ushered in a long and confusing waiting period August 10, 2007 letter Long Wild Hope Online forum, a small Sije also people through the telephone to Tianjin glorious understanding of the letter long stop and restart the basic situation of the server, and then get some of the player support, while questioning the sound constantly August 11, 2007 letter Long Wild Hope online forum appeared a name chop Red Lang matchless official top, explain all kinds of questions about the long letter to the player, claiming to be able to reopen the suit, its post in the Netcom section hit the record of 30000多 hit rate, at the same time, the person named Xiao Xi became a new agent shooter, On the matchless attack, caused the support SXM continue to agent letter long players angry, the act of reprimand August 12, 2007 letter Long Wild Hope Online official forum Xiao Xi and matchless two contradictions intensified, forum some players are divided into Matchless faction and small Sipai, the two sides attack each other, all day no peace, Neutral players continue to wait and see developments August 23, 2007 unrivaled in the forum appeared, claiming that the letter has found the way to open the service, but need to raise funds from the players, suddenly its support rate fell by half, some players to their hypocrisy of the behavior of doubt, small Sipai immediately launched the counterattack, a huge attack on the Matchless camp, The innocent player is once again mired in endless confusion. September 2, 2007 Konishi new Agent form in the Forum on the issue of the letter long reopened, some players sentiment rebound, since this person's emergence has led to some of the player mood, some of the letter long player groups and forums are subject to the message of this person ... At the same time scold the sound of the increase September 20, 2007 Big Nautical OL Forum opened in October News, and the letter Long forum of the small West said coincide, letter long players skeptical September 22, 2007 Konishi in the Letter Long Forum release new agent and glorious with the secret connection of the speech, claiming that the letter will be in the voyage ol open after the service , the player is pointing again to this person September 28, 2007 glorious release announcement, with the Beijing Wing Parade signing agency large navigation OL,SXM announced the waiver agent letter long and large navigation, while the navigation ol forum and letter Long Forum closed October 2, 2007 Konishi in their own film Group Bulletin, Shin Long web Forum will be launched in the near future October 8, 2007 in the Parade hairCloth The sailing ol Gold Mainland Open service matters, and opened the Forum letter long version Fast October 27, 2008 Beijing in the Parade Network Technology Co., Ltd. with honor announced on the network game "letter long Wild Look online" signed an agency operating contract.  "China Wing Parade" Company officially obtained the 3D Super large MMORPG "the letter long Wild look online" and the information film "Broken Day chapter" in the Chinese mainland operation right.  November 13, 2008 November 12 afternoon Beijing Wing Parade Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: China Wing Parade) and the company Glorious (hereinafter referred to as: Glorious companies) jointly announced the "Letter of the Wild look online" on November 13 official test. April 10, 2009 National Service first unparalleled competition May 15, 2009 Beijing Honor Parade Network Technology Co., Ltd. President 靳苛 will be a guest Sina game broadcast room, accept exclusive interview. (Xuyi County, male, born in Jiangsu Province in 1973) is currently the general manager of Beijing Zhong Rong Parade Network Technology Co., Ltd. 1999 into the software and Internet industry, experienced the rise and fall of the Internet, 2002 into the online gaming industry, as a number of software companies as well as the game company's channel director and senior management work. July 02, 2009 Letter of the long Wild look ol new Data piece hegemony chapter today launched, the great attention of the "letter long Wild Look online" on July 2 launched a new chapter of the title hegemony, hegemony of the chapter to "Film and television gimmick" Fusion "Kyushu Kingdoms", "Armageddon", "Senior task", "  Gongs Martial Arts Congress "," "The Warring States picture" and other new elements, the effort to create a new piece of information! September 02, 2009 The most high-profile "letter long Wild Look online" is about to update a new chapter "Temper of the moment"!! New Daily Tasks "Totokova version" and the group dialogue function significantly enhanced October 29, 2009 "Letter Long Wild Look online" has been fully updated on October 29, 2009 as the latest chapter-"The Moment of awakening."  The level limit is open to level 65.  January 14, 2010 Letter Long Wild Hope online unity of the big version update April 01, 2010 officially began the letter long wild look online in the "Things EAPC war" activities. May 24, 2010 Letter Long Wild Hope Online update Fitter July 15, 2010 Letter Long of the wild look OL new service Nirvana test officially opened July 15, 2010 Implementation of the update "Wylie thousand White Cat" September 9, 2010 implementation of the version update "Goal!"  The craftsman of the Warring States. "  November 4, 2010 Letter Long Wild Hope Online to the Nova, activity time: November 4, 2010--November 25, 2010 Activities: Players will go all over the stipulated countries until the final destination of the race, which also needs to complete a variety of experience. November 201026th in the absence of notice, Zr suddenly closed the game, forum, official website, did not make any explanation, the letter long public anger. (Digging the shell net)
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