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Now many corporate websites are more attached to the Internet market, all want to get a piece from the Internet, do more, naturally formed the industry competition, usually enterprise website optimization and industry site optimization is not the same, because the enterprise site itself is not much content, most are products, optimize the level of the staff is not aligned. The following is standing in my point of view to talk about a few enterprises in the site optimization process is more easily made a few mistakes.

Picture optimization

As we all know, corporate website General products occupy the majority, and the product's website foreground display effect is basically the picture form, including the homepage, the list, the inside page Most product display form all is the picture. Then the picture optimization process needs to pay attention to several problems.

Picture size: The image as much as possible compression, home page and list of pages are thumbnails, not too large general 20KB can be, the picture is too large, affect the loading speed, other content loaded out, the picture has been loaded out, visitors may think you this site no pictures.

Picture Alt attribute: As we all know, the search engine according to the current situation, recognizing pictures is difficult, spiders crawl your site is crawling source files, also referred to as "HTML code", the way to crawl is "from top to bottom, from left to right" way, if your site product map does not add alt attribute, Then your site will not be able to identify what you are doing when the spider crawls, will take the way of jumping, unrecognized, it will be a big loss, so we recommend to the product map are added alt or title attribute, tell the search engine, this picture shows what content.

Clear picture of the long width: this I want to have a lot of webmaster friends are ignored, here said the picture of the long width means that we insert the picture in the foreground when the code is

One of the width and height will be many friends ignore, here is also more important, the search engine in the crawl site, if you do not add these two attributes, then the search engine does not know you this picture of the length of the number of the specific size is how much ( Before the search engine read why can read these? Explain that the search engine is not read the contents of the picture, but your image code is also part of the HTML code, so this is also more important.

Second, the Web site loading speed

Usually others say the whole station to open the speed of 8 second law, but I think the station in the user's embodiment of the problem, 4 seconds on it, 4 seconds can be completely open the speed of relative can be, if more than 4 seconds, recommend the webmaster to replace the Enterprise website server.

Third, adhere to the constant update to form a certain law

Webmaster do not "Born in sorrow died of happiness", the enterprise website does not need to update every day, but must form the update law, for example three days or two days update, so whether it is the company's customers or search engines are relatively friendly, customers know your site next time to update, when he will automatically check the company's latest products, To develop a good crawl habits of spiders, (general sites are updated every day, spiders are always waiting on the site) if your site is not updated every day, then the best is to form an update law, fixed-point quantitative update.

Unknowingly written so much, these are only part of the Enterprise Site search optimization, no matter what website, insist is the most valuable, as long as you locate the right, can stick to it, will be winners. This article by Xian SEO blog offer, reprint please specify the source, is only personal opinion, if there are mistakes, please criticize.

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