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"TechWeb reported," Apple in the early release of iOS 7, said that the new system will open the game handle API, so that more peripherals manufacturers can use the iphone phone game handles. But it has been nearly half a year now, and finally wait until the original support iOS 7 of the first game handle. Today, peripherals manufacturer MOGA released its handle peripherals specifically developed for iOS 7 systems: MOGA Ace power. At first glance, the MOGA Ace power handle resembles the Xbox original handle, the right Abxy button's color and naming all coincide with the Xbox handle. At the same time, the handle is also standard with a cross key, double rocker and L1/L2 and R1/R2 keys. Designed for the Apple iOS 7 system, the handle only supports the iphone 5, iphone 5s, iphone 5c and fifth-generation ipod touch. Unlike the traditional Apple peripherals, the MOGA Ace power handle is connected to the device through the lighting interface to ensure the power consumption while also avoiding the instability of the Bluetooth. MOGA Ace power handle with telescopic design, the use of the Apple device can be fixed in the middle of the handle, similar to the traditional palm machine. At the same time, the handle also built a 1800mAh battery, to ensure the mobile endurance time. At present, the handle has been sold at Apple Stores in the United States, priced at 99.95 U.S. dollars, about 608 yuan.
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