The first iphone movie "The Waves" came out

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News (reporter Fan Xin) Recently, South Korean director Park, who directed "bats" and "cordial gold", and brother Pak Zanking, a multimedia artist, filmed the world's first iphone film, "The Waves of the Earth," and not the subject of the iphone, Instead, it was filmed entirely using the iphone. The film's 33-minute thriller, which will be released in South Korea on January 27, is only 4 days in the Seoul Longshan of South Korea's CGV Theater, which is said to have a screen effect comparable to blockbuster.  Korea Telecom, the only iphone sales agent in Korea, is a film investor. "Waves of Lofty" tells a fisherman in a desolate fishing ground after catching mysterious woman shuttle in reality and fantasy, this life and past lives story. Starring Hyun is South Korea's "heartthrob" song, she played in the film is a witch, has the ability to eliminate the death of the mysterious power of hatred. Park Yu used 2 iphone phones from different angles to shoot, spent 10 days to complete, the total cost of about 850,000 yuan, a total of more than 80 cast staff involved. Interestingly, even the staff took out their iphone to help with the filming. Netizens read the trailer after the evaluation: "Very real!" A thriller filmed with this kind of lens has a feeling that it will happen at any time. "It was criticized that the director's motives for filming the iphone were too commercial, and some people viewed such attempts as a new media experiment for Low-cost films." However, according to the industry analysis, "waves towering" the advent of everyone can use the iphone to film still have a certain distance, because from the view of the trailer, the iphone also added a "plug-in"-Canon's "Cow Head" lens.
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