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Su Ning, Tencent, etc. are referred to a strong competitor, analysis that should consider the application of enterprise strength private banks green light, the first private banks who spend the home? Is the preemptive suning, or is the successor on the Tencent?  or by the obscurity of the Kaile technology grab the first lottery? The current "shortlist" of private banks continues to grow. Analysis said that for the application of private banks, enterprises should consider whether the strength of the enterprise is strong, whether there is bad credit records.  Here, the reporter Combs several voices of higher contenders, trying to guess the first "private bank" of the ice-breaking people. 1 Suningyun Business Gaofu Bank of the behind-the-scenes protagonist Suningyun is a strength of the high handsome electric business players.  No wonder the market for Suning Bank is expected to become the first private bank calls. As the largest and oldest of the "retail King", as of June 30, 2013, Suningyun total assets reached 76.57 billion yuan. Suningyun Business, formerly known as "Suning appliance [Weibo]", renamed this February. Suning Group Chairman Zhang Jindong has said that in order to go to the electronic business, Suning will be developed from the line to the line.  At the same time, Su Ning actively plotting the "whole financial" layout. December 6, 2012, Suning said, will inject 300 million yuan to set up Chongqing suning Micro-Loan Co., Ltd. October 2013, Suning small loan company will try to run. August 21, Suningyun announced the establishment of Suning bank, to become a A-share first announced the test water private banks listed companies.  September 12, Suning in the establishment of private banks on the road to another step, the application of the Suning bank name approved by the General Administration for industry and commerce.  At the same time, Suningyun also holds the shares of Jiangsu Bank and Beijing Tongzhou Village Bank, holding 150 million shares and 9 million shares respectively, the shareholding ratio is 1.65% and 9% respectively, the shareholding amount is 540 million yuan and 9 million yuan. Since Suningyun announced the establishment of private banks on August 21, its shares rose 52.14% per cent as of yesterday.  The market was greeted with more applause and confidence from the "Gao Shuai" who had previously entered the ranks of private banks.  2 Red Bean Group was "oolong" gossip star but, compared with the famous Suning Bank, a word of the poor South Jiangsu Bank first appeared, but was mistaken for others. August 15, the name of "Sunan Bank" was approved by the State Administration for industry and commerce. And early in Suning announced the application for the establishment of "Suning bank", but also announced the registration of Suningbank, Sunanbank and other domain names.  Homophonic Domain name Let media mistakenly think "Sunan Bank" is "Suning bank". Who is the protagonist behind the Bank of Sunan? September 9, "Jinling Evening News" revealed that the southern bank of Jiangsu Province is the protagonist of the Red Bean Group.  According to public information, the Red Bean Group is a holding shareholder of Red Bean shares of listed companies, holding 47.84%. The shares of Red Bean, its holding subsidiary, soared through the east wind of the concept of private banks. Since September 9, red Bean shares for 4 consecutive trading days limit. As of September 16, the share price rose more than58%. But yesterday, red Bean shares issued abnormal fluctuations in stock trading bulletin said, "the company did not participate in and no plan to bid for private banks," the original a rise in the situation stopped abruptly.  Red Bean shares fell to a halt. In fact, before the bid for the Sunan Bank, the red Bean group has been carrying out financial services through its finance companies and microfinance companies. But recently, the Red Bean Group by the "financial weekly" burst the bank loan balance 6.2 billion, debt-ridden.  The company's private banking dream can come true, the future is still long. 3 Kaile technology Snake dance elephant without the smell after suning, the second issued a bulletin said to set up private banks listed companies are unknown Hubei Jingzhou Kaile technology company. Kaile Technology August 26 evening issued a notice, proposed as the main initiator of 2 billion yuan to build "Jingzhou Bank (tentative name)".  Affected by this news, August 27 stock price limit, reported 8.31 yuan/share.  However, the 2 billion-yuan construction Bank also let the net profit of the last year only 189.5 million yuan companies appear "more than", although the bulletin said the company intends to be the main initiator, but the market is called "Snake Dance Elephants." According to 2012 reported that the company's annual operating income of 2.483 billion yuan, the annual net profit of 189.5 million yuan. According to the latest first-half earnings, the company realized operating income of 1.143 billion yuan, down 8.27% year-on-year. The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company is 105 million yuan, down 46.26%.  In the three main business, real estate, plastic pipe profit fell by more than 40%. "For companies that apply for running private banks, consider whether the firm is strong and has bad credit histories." "Chinese investors love the concept of speculation," Guo Tianyong, director of the Central Banking Research Center, told Beijing News yesterday. In fact, even if these companies are granted private banks, they may not make any money.  Because, as the threshold of access to the lower, future banks to make money, just as the current competitive enterprises, the difficulty is increased.  However, since the date of the announcement, Kaile technology from August 27 to date, the stock rose more than 23%.  4 Tencent, Ali "two horse" race of the successor Tencent suddenly joined, is undoubtedly a private bank in the preparatory team of a giant whale.  September 13, "Southern Metropolis Daily" reported that Tencent applied for private banks, the Guangdong provincial government agreed and reported to the CBRC, the future may be landed in Shenzhen before the sea. Tencent, the internet giant, has topped 100 billion dollars in market capitalisation, becoming Asia's largest internet technology company. The internet giant, which relies on gaming, has more than 700 million QQ users and nearly 400 million micro-credit households. Such a large user base and Internet advantages, the declaration of the establishment of private banks is considered Tencent's "trump card."  But so far, Tencent has not published a timetable. Some analysts said that this may be MA with Jack Yun [Micro Bo] "two horses" between a competition. Already in the financial field, Ma Yun, has launched Ali small loans and balance treasure, in goldThe road of integration farther and farther, therefore, there are rumors that "Ali Bank" is Ma's next target.  However, Alibaba [Weibo] small Micro Group CEO Pengley to this publicly denied. According to the daily economic news, Ali Small Micro Financial services Group CEO Pengley said September 16 denied the "establishment of internet banking applications."  However, Ali side said that the current suning, Tencent to apply for private banks of the matter is worth learning, Ali will be seen as the events of the situation to reconsider Ali bank problem. This version of the interview/Beijing News reporter Jin Yu (original title: The first private banks who spend their homes? )
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