The first single risk 4 billion investment in Shanghai public rental

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Pacific Asset Management Company launched the "Pacific-Shanghai Public Rental housing project debt Investment Plan" recently officially passed the CIRC's record.  The debt investment plan is the first real estate creditor investment plan after the introduction of the interim measures for the Insurance fund investment real estate, and it has opened up insurance funds to invest the real estate in creditor's right. "First Financial daily" reporter learned that the plan to raise capital of 4 billion yuan, mainly for Shanghai Real Estate (Group) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai Urban construction of about 500,000 square meters of public rental housing project construction and operation.  After the completion of the project will effectively alleviate the youth workers in Shanghai, the introduction of talent and workers to Shanghai and other permanent residents of the stage of living difficulties.  Public rental housing is an important part of the construction of housing protection, Pacific Asset Management company said that it is taking into account the safety of investment, the final form of debt to invest in Shanghai real Estate Group Investment in the construction of public rental housing, and the choice of better investment projects, the quality of good debt repayment bodies and strong security party. In addition, the Pacific Asset Management company said that, because the public rental housing project belongs to the residential, the social benefits of the project itself is higher than the economic benefits.  The company has designed a floating interest rate mechanism with guaranteed income and no capping income for the debt investment plan, while supporting commonweal projects while safeguarding the more reasonable investment return of insurance funds. It is understood that the debt Investment Plan investment project as the first batch of public rental housing projects in Shanghai, insurance funds to invest in public rental housing construction has played a certain model effect. Pacific Asset Management company said that investment in affordable housing investment plan investment period is generally longer, in line with the insurance funds (especially life insurance funds) long term characteristics, and insurance funds to match the long period, help to achieve the insurance funds of asset and liability matching management. At the same time, the debt investment plan and the stock and the bond assets have different attribute characteristics, and the relativity is small, which is helpful to enhance the stability of the insurance company's portfolio income.
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