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2005 Wang to participate in "Super Girl" when the video screenshot chasing excessive beauty, Wang paid the cost of life, evening reporter, Han lei, intern Yu Yan reported October 23, online spread a message "2005 Chengdu Division Super Girl, 24-year-old Wang in plastic surgery after the accident, after 2 days 1 night after the death of rescue." "The same day Wang brokers and for Wang Plastic surgery in Wuhan, China-Australia Plastic hospital said the news is rumored. But yesterday, the news of the death of Queen's Wuhan was finally confirmed, the Health bureau, the Public Security Bureau, and the relevant officials have informed the media about the news.  Yesterday afternoon, the Chinese and Australian hospital in the media interview, firmly denied that Wang died in plastic surgery, said the accident occurred 2 hours after entering the ward.  Public Security Bureau confirmed that Wang plastic death November 23 on the Internet circulated news that Wang is a jaw-horn surgery, because the surgeon improper operation, resulting in mandibular surgery site bleeding, blood through the Wang throat into the trachea, causing suffocation, and then secretly transferred to Wuhan 161 Hospital rescue.  Yesterday morning, the accident of the Wuhan Sino-Australian Plastic Surgery Hospital in the face of the media is still vague, neither confirmed the death of Wang, also refused to disclose the cause of death, only to the outside claims in a few days will give an official statement. Yesterday afternoon, Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau and Jiangan District Health Bureau of the relevant responsible person confirmed Wang cosmetic death. The head of the health Bureau revealed that after the accident, "Plastic surgery hospital actively transferred it, but ultimately rescue invalid death." Some reporters questioned why such a small operation would cause such a big accident, it is rumored that the surgeon is the "three No" personnel is true, the person said that they have been to the plastic surgery hospital and related doctors have been examined to verify that "they have legal qualifications, doctors are also formal channels of seniority, some of the outside of the statement is inaccurate." As to why the hospital was still silent after the incident, the person in charge even said that it was being dealt with, "What is wrong with the hospital in this accident, whether it is negligent death or other reasons, it needs to be identified." "In the hospital two hours after the accident for Wang Bei plastic surgery in the hospital in Wuhan, said in an interview, the morning of November 13, the hospital for Wang mother and daughter of the zygomatic reduction and mandibular narrowing surgery.  Around 10 o'clock, Wang's surgery was first performed, followed by her mother doing the same surgery. Professor Wang Liangming of the academy is Wang's surgeon. He introduced that Wang surgery lasted 1 hours, during which he had buried double eyelid surgery, finished around 11:30 A.M.. The anesthesia effect is very good, the procedure of operation also did not appear accident. After the operation, Wang was sent to the ward and soon regained consciousness.  Wang Liangming said, the doctor for her examination, the nurse at that time to her to tidy up the quilt, Wang also own hand to pull the quilt to move up a bit, consciousness is very sober. Wang Liangming explained: "The whole operation was very smooth, there was no accident, the accident occurred 2 hours after entering the ward." "Wang from the O.R. back to the ward about two hours later,Sudden emergence of respiratory, blood pressure and abnormal heartbeat, the hospital immediately to rescue, after the heartbeat and blood pressure back to normal, but breathing still need auxiliary means.  Subsequently, the hospital sent Wang to the nearby Wuhan 161 Hospital, after two days and one night of rescue, Wang eventually died of respiratory cycle failure. Wang personality rebellious not gregarious Wang graduated from Wuhan Conservatory of Music, was 2005 years of Super Girls Chengdu Division 20. Competition, with the 05-term Super Girls champion Li Yuchun in the same group. In 2006, Wang the "Dream China" Chongqing division, and got the green card to participate in the national competition.  2010 Wang in Jinan, a bar in the field, adhere to their own music dream. The host of the 2005 Super Girls competition Chengdu is the famous host of Chengdu TV station Hu Xiao and Li, Hu Xiao to Wang particularly impressed: "This Wuhan sister is a self-motivated, have a good talent of music, and can be all-round development in the song dance." "The Dream of China director Zhou Wang's impression is that she is a little rebellious, very personality," she is trained, the character is very straightforward. "Zhou also revealed," Wang is not very gregarious, in the competition some players are very tactful, not only is the judge teacher, even met makeup artist will bowing and so on, and Wang will not be so. "All sides say artists cosmetic surgery Please be cautious Rong is the first in China's showbiz to openly admit that he has been a complete entertainer, yesterday when the reporter interviewed her, she was shocked and sorry for the Wang incident, she said she before the plastic surgery, very cautious, understand a lot of relevant information, not only carefully select the hospital, even the surgeon is designated , "Plastic surgery is still risky, not to the last resort, I do not recommend everyone to go, after all, there are many ways to become more beautiful."  "She also warned just into the showbiz young people, not because of the harsh appearance of plastic surgery, for their own safety before doing surgery must be prepared and choose a professional hospital, never too rash. How can a lawyer convict a specific analysis of cosmetic failure leading to death, according to China's relevant laws, the hospital should bear what kind of responsibility? "He said:" This should be in the specific case, if the hospital and physicians lack the necessary qualifications and qualifications (including whether the medical institution has qualifications, a specific plastic project qualification, the actual operation of the practitioner qualification), in the course of medical treatment will lead to serious injury or death constitutes a criminal offence of ' illegal practice of medicine '. If all the relevant qualifications of the hospital are complete, but because the physician is seriously not responsible for causing the accident, it will constitute a ' medical malpractice crime '.  If the accident happened purely by accident, the hospital will bear the relevant civil liability.  Show field Judges Entertainment Circle is no longer the "appearance of the association" once the show field spicy judges, the famous musician Bao said, can not be denied that the appearance of the artist is very important, but can continue to attract the public, and become a big shot of the people, not just by looks. "The entertainment circle is always a lot of people thinkis very easy to become famous place, actually really went into it, know how difficult. Most of the time, red, not necessarily reasonable, but not red, there must be a reason. "Bao Xiao Bai said that with the fierce competition in the society, the entertainment circle is the same, you must have surpasses capital, in order to lay their own one day." "When the dream of the stars may be young people have, but the need for rational expression, if the cost of life or principle, is the worst choice." "And for the artist's appearance on the importance of the cause, Bao Xiaobe think has been more and more downhill," in the past showbiz or entertainment circle, that can definitely be called the ' Appearance association ' of the era, not very basic don't want to enter the circle. But now society is more open and tolerant, as long as you have a solid foundation in other areas, it is possible to come out. ”
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