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Quiet, Penghaising in China's most abundant hydropower resources "Sanjiang basin", recently News-August 25, with the Lancang River Power station Xiaowan 4th unit production, China's hydropower total installed capacity Breakthrough 200 Million-kilowatt, continue to stabilize the world's first power hydropower status; 26th, China Hydropower Development 100 Anniversary conference will be held in Yunnan; as early as July 18, Lijiang has received good news, the National Development and Reform Commission has formally approved the development of Jinan Bridge hydropower station in the middle reaches of the Jinsha River.  The hydropower development in the middle reaches of the Jinsha River seems to be fully "which" following the development of Lancang hydropower, led by Huaneng Group.  However, in the middle of Jinsha River, the tiger leaping gorge with abundant species resources still faces the controversy of building and not building power station. "The Dragon Plate and the two-person power station are not built." August 18, Yunnan Province Environmental Protection Department of Environmental Protection prescription director on the phone said to our correspondent. But Gao Meng, general manager of Yunnan Jinsha River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. said: "Dragon Plate and two people did not say not built." To avoid public questioning, the tiger-leaping Gorge hydropower station has been renamed the Dragon-disk hydropower station.  This is the development of the Jinsha River "leading" project. The power of protection and development is still in the game.  In the name of energy conservation and emission reduction, water and electricity development in a significant speed up, there are environmental protection departments told the reporter, the Hydropower Development Memorial Conference, they did not receive any invitation. Two power stations "resurrection" of the middle reaches of the Jinsha River in Yunnan, Lijiang Shek Kwu Town, East Panzhihua Jiangkou, 564 kilometers long, drop 838 meters.  A total of planning has dragon plate, two people, a hai, pear, Jin An, long openings, Lu la and Kwan-Yin Rock "one library Eight" power station, the total installed capacity of the power station is 205.8 Billion-kilowatt, the equivalent of 1.1 Three Gorges hydropower station, the total investment accumulated up to 150 billion yuan.  In accordance with the development of the main division, the first four levels from Yunnan Jinsha River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. is responsible for the Jin An to the private enterprise Han-dominated, dragon openings are mainly Huaneng site, Lu-la-Power development by Huadian, Guanyin Rock is Datang group's "fat." In fact, several large power generation groups have been in the middle of Jinsha River development.  Yunnan Jinsha River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, Huadian, Huaneng, Datang, Han can holdings and Yunnan Province Development Investment Co., Ltd. shareholding 33%, 23%, 23%, 11% and 10% respectively.  Jinan Bridge Hydropower station approved, so that hydropower development "not first built" once again won.  July 18, at the Lijiang of Jinan Bridge hydropower station under the water storage work arrangements for the deployment meeting, the responsible person informed that the power station has finally been approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. "According to the progress of the project, the Jinan hydropower station is scheduled to be under sluice on November 5 to ensure that the first unit of December 25 power generation.  "A staff introduction, this is the current construction site on the slogan put forward." According to the approval procedure of hydropower development, after obtaining the national development and Reform Commission's "Zhongsheng", The Water Conservancy department approves the application of the enterprise, before it can enter the implementation stage of the main project. Less than six months after the Jinan Bridge was approved, how will power generation be put into production? The total investment of about 13.9 billion yuan in the middle reaches of the Jinsha River level fifth power station, as early as January 2006 9 completed the river closure.  However, it was not approved until this time because the "first building" was repeatedly halted.  Gao Meng explained that now requires energy-saving emission reduction, the development of hydropower is inevitable, this may be one of the reasons for which in the middle reaches of Jinsha River.  As a result, last June, two power station dragon openings and Lu La were "resurrected" during the environmental storm.  Last January, the Dragon openings and Lu-La have realized the river closure, last June 11, the Ministry of Environmental Protection to make administrative penalties, ordered two power stations to stop the main dam construction, and in accordance with the "group Limited" principle, suspended the middle reaches of the Jinshajiang hydropower development projects.  and Jinan Bridge is different, was stopped, the Dragon openings and Lu to pull even the serial comment this is not, let alone NDRC's approval. "This July, the Dragon openings and the LU-La power station have passed the EIA, waiting for the approval of the National Development and Reform Commission."  "Environmental Protection Department of Yunnan Province, the director of the EIA prescription in this reporter said that the local environmental protection departments can do is to the early" three-way "issued environmental protection permits, as for the final environmental impact report, is the Ministry of Environmental Protection.  However, according to media reports, the two power stations were suspended during the Environmental Protection Department, the construction was working overtime, pouring concrete workers to repair the cofferdam. "Approved by the NDRC or the next sea!" "Lijiang City Immigration Development Bureau Director tree Hair Green said." July 23, Jinan Bridge hydropower development and relocation of resettlement work briefing, he looked very excited.  The statement was also confirmed by the environmental department. But it must be admitted that once approved, this is a "failed to build" hydroelectric project. Last January, a HAI has been completed river closure.  Last March 11, the Environmental Protection Department passed the EIA report on the project. "Pear and Guanyin rock slowly, but also in the effort, the EIA has not been."  "This August 19, Gao Meng said in a telephone interview with the reporter." "The company up and down on project approval, river closure two major goals must be firm confidence, as long as there are 1% of the hope, we have to do our best to make 100% of the effort."  "August 13," Datang Guanyin Rock Hydropower development company general manager Chen Yu said, at the same time he also stressed, to do a good job of "two hands ready."  It is clear that the Kwan-Yin Rock power station has not been constructed in full accordance with the progress of the approval process.  Dragon Plate and two people to build a station dispute so, Jinan Bridge ice, whether it means the big Kai Jinsha River all power station approved gate? "The Dragon Plate and the two-person power station are not built." "Yunnan Province Environmental Protection Department Environmental Protection prescription director said to our correspondent." Being busy with his business, he didn't say much. But in the mouth of Gao Ying Meng, it is another statement. "Dragon Plate and two people did not say not to build."  "This is destined to be a game between the environmental force and the development enterprise."  Since 2004, the "Hydropower development planning report of the middle reaches of the Jinsha River" was reviewed by the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Tiger Leaping Gorge project was recommended as a recent development project. However, as announced in the report,caused a stir. People from all walks of life have called for the precious legacy of Tiger leaping Gorge to be left to the world and generations. The first bay of Changjiang River and the Tiger Leaping Gorge play a key role in the successful selection of the natural heritage of the world.  The Chinese government has also pledged to the world that it will spare no effort to protect the region's unique ecological environment. The report is based on the "Yangtze River Basin comprehensive Utilization Planning brief report" Also in the controversy in 2005 sent repairing. Two years later, the tiger-Leaping Gorge Reservoir, renamed the Dragon Disc, began its new site selection work.  Two the site needs to change with the Dragon Disk Dam site changes, "One library two" hydropower station has been stranded. According to preliminary estimates, the tiger-Leaping Gorge Dam project will result in nearly 100,000 immigrants, including ethnic minorities accounted for more than 70%. The more serious is that the Tiger Leaping Gorge has frequent geological activities and is an active seismic zone.  There was a 7 magnitude earthquake in Lijiang in 1996, and a serious landslide caused the Jinsha river to stop. "Even if the other utilities are approved, the Tiger Leaping Gorge project will not necessarily be on." The most important thing is that immigration is difficult to solve. Tiger Jump Gap, the dam site will move up, but the capacity will be reduced, adjust the ability to not reach the location of Tiger Leaping Gorge, the following seven-level power generation capacity will certainly have an impact. Interest groups will still play games. August 2, fan, chief engineer of the regional geological Investigation team of Sichuan Provincial Geology and Mineral Bureau, said in an interview with our correspondent.
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