The game loophole is used Sohu swims to block a large number of users

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1th page Game vulnerability was exploited "> Sohu Cruise blocking a large number of users

Pole Game News during the Spring Festival, Sohu tour of the famous network game "Tianlong Eight" held a daily check-in can accept the event, but the player reflects that the system during the event of loopholes, resulting in the player can repeatedly pick props, was found by the operator, will be a large number of duplicate items to pick up the account seal stop. For this matter, "Tianlong eight," the operating team said that will be paid to pay the loss of the player to compensate, has now lifted the right to protect the players will be given the corresponding compensation prizes.

February 21, online games "Tianlong Eight" released "Rivers and lakes treasure, this box has a gift" sign up for the event to receive prizes. According to the player Jiang said, he played "Tianlong eight" game has been 6 years, before and after the investment of a hundred thousand of Yuan. Starting from last month, the first phase of the event, every day a continuous log will have prizes. But on the evening of February 22, when the prizes were issued, the game system itself generated loopholes, resulting in some players in a period of time can not limit the repeated collection of prizes. "After the incident, the site first issued a notice, saying that some players unknowingly in the case of malicious brush take treasure box, then the site to take a series of measures such as the number of seals." ”

Mr. Kang said that his game account was sealed, customer service phone always disconnected, the forum related director is always offline, due to participate in this game is sealed number of players a large number of, for no reason to be sealed by the old player loss is larger. "My account was unlocked yesterday morning, but some of the props I bought earlier were removed. ”

At the same time, a number of online players said, "many times to collect treasure box is not a player's fault, because the official notice in the announcement can only receive one time, encourage players to receive box rewards while not stopping the excess of the behavior." ”

In this respect, Sohu Tour "Tianlong Eight" operation Team said, due to system anomalies, resulting in some parts of the player data to the abnormal, a large number of props abnormal output. In order to ensure that the game balance and the interests of the global users, they have a temporary stop to protect the exception account, to avoid the expansion of abnormal data, and immediately shut down the pick function and optimize.

In order to protect the data of the abnormal account, prevent the data overflow causing the account data to be damaged so that it cannot be repaired, the game can not be done, they have the temporary right of stop protection for the abnormal account. At the same time, some of the players involved in the river treasure activities have been released on February 25, 2013 to protect the rights, "we will open the corresponding compensation scheme, at present all the abnormal data has been repaired." If there are still players found after the restoration of character items or attributes abnormal, can go to the online customer service submission of documents to submit applications, we will have a person to verify the processing. ”

The game has the bug is unavoidable, for Sohu swims so quickly effective processing way, as well as to the player positive compensation attitude, is worth affirming, also hoped the game research and development team can redouble efforts, gives the player a fair game environment.

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