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Reporter Wang Jian Lin Zhifang Golden Nine silver Ten peak season is coming, there are enterprises but encounter a single dare not to take the embarrassment, the reason is to become one of the main labor of a frequent job-hopping, exacerbated the busy season enterprise employment difficult. In Changfeng Township hung Air Garment Processing workshop, the first half of the year to recruit 16 employees, now only 7 people, most of the machine in the workshop are idle.  The workshop flood boss complained, go to more than 20-year-old employees, "they mostly eat bitter, do two or three months to go, the most worrying is the second half of the season is precisely, the order is not worry, worry is no hands, the list is not dare to pick up." Wuhan Little blue Whale Health Food Management Co., Ltd. a manager revealed that the shop staff has created a 8-year turnover record, the fastest job-hopping record is the same day to resign.  She also because 3 years frequent job-hopping, with the local more than 10 hotel personnel manager, become the industry "well-known" people.  Naj Talent Market Career instructors also said that the occupational stability of the poor exacerbated the labor shortage, "a lot of people into the first half of the enterprise, after three months to resign, resulting in a tight corporate staff." The sense of responsibility is not strong, love job-hopping?  In response to such negative evaluation, the recent reporter interviewed 5 hotels, 11 employees, have been denied the answer, but also called "wronged." The 18-Year-old bin and 20-year-old Li Nagang is a barbecue restaurant meal delivery staff, a small age in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai and other work experience.  Their shortest job is a luggage factory in Hangzhou when the packer, the length of 47 days, do the longest is the current work, has been 5 months.  Bin and Li Nagang finally chose this restaurant, because "not frequent overtime, there is a fixed rest day, leadership does not roar us", although 1200 yuan monthly salary did not meet their expectations, but can "work comfortably."  Ba Rhino Barbecue Deputy Wang Chunming Most afraid to hear employees say "This is my right", "You have no right ..." for fear of being "caught on the handle" or said to make employees very wronged, because the handling of bad can lead to staff to leave. Food consultant Zongjiahong said that, in addition to wages, welfare, the other is very concerned about their own rights and interests, they stressed in the work "fair and impartial."  No matter how high or low the job is, once the rights and interests in the work are violated, they will impulsively use the extreme act of resignation to "speak". 6th noon, the Han Yang Garden Hotel, a pair of childlike sister waiter caught the attention of diners. The 16-year-old Li Sea and 17-Year-old Li Feiyan, born in Gansu Province, grew up in Shanxi. This March, in the villagers introduced, they and mother Wei Sengdi together into Le Fuk Park Hotel as a waiter. Mother and daughter 3 people now rent a more than 10-square-meter house next to the hotel, the monthly rent of 150 yuan, meals a day in the hotel to eat. Such a young waiter is not uncommon in Wuhan. To retain the Wei Sengdi mother and daughter three people, Le Fuk Park Hotel gave special treatment: three people in the first floor hall as a waiter, so that they care for each other.  4 of old employees work with them, hand in hand to teach, but also responsible for "ideological works." This privilege is alsoNot just in this hotel. August, the small blue Whale Hotel acrobatic Hall shop 19-Year-old staff Wang Yichen, in the company song and dance competition won the second prize, to get a prize.  The hotel also specializes in a series of "retention Awards", which rewards new employees to stay in the hotel for more than 3 months of referrals.  Ba Rhino Barbecue Restaurant each recruit a new employee, there will be a vice president of the above leaders to the staff personally promised: at least once a month staff dinner, birthday dinner and all kinds of skills, K song, speech contest and other activities. In the traditional concept, the "waiter", "dirty and tired" of the description of the work of waiters, is changing.  It is reported that most of the local large and medium-sized restaurants are invested large sums of money to build corporate culture, cultural activities, training has become the most important. "After each of the 85 recruits and the employees, 1/3 will change jobs within one months, leaving people to test the management wisdom of their bosses more than hiring." "Good food remember health food management company head, a number of restaurant consultant Zongjiahong said, with the new job, enterprise employment concept if not keep up with the thinking rhythm of the people, will surely be they" fired.
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