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GE starred in "Zhao Orphan" Faye Wong drama "Generations" from last year to this year, from the film and television, music to the stage, because of the lack of new works, adaptations and related artistic themes of the mutual reference again become a trend, from the adaptation of classics to paraded classics, endless. Find a reliable script, guarantee the success of the work of half, driven by economic interests, "hot book adaptation" And today's cultural consumption and business operations inseparable. Looking at the film Market of the spring Festival, "pleasant goat and ash too Wolf of the rabbit is very good", "New Shaolin Temple", "Martial art", "will love to the end" is not an adaptation of works, or to continue the past classic works of the brand charm. But think about the past year, perhaps the "adaptation" is not the best prescription, the TV drama "Dream of Red mansions" planted a somersault, not only failed to pick up the finished star, but also in a short period of time by the audience selectively forgotten.  If we look at it calmly, "adaptation" is a double-edged sword. Singer Faye Wong Let "Legend" legend will be a good song to sing for another form of "good" is not an easy thing. If not "beyond" the word, at least the singer will be a new interpretation of the song, add their own understanding, if only the voice of the changes, or the changes in the voice of men and women, may not have much repercussions. In the pop song of the classics, Chin, "The Moon Represents my heart" is probably the highest degree of recognition. In addition, two songs from the Spring Festival Gala song is also a major highlight of the two-year music.  Last year, Wang Fei sang Li Jian's "legend", is to let "legend" put on the "legend" of the cloak, originally a good song lying in the corner of the Gray, is Faye Wong let it back to find the power of rebirth. The Rising Sun masculine "spring" back to basics a half red not red "spring" by the rising sun masculine combination in this year's Spring Festival Gala, the fire! The song is not in the same technology as Faye Wong, but in the singer's identity and status, even the Gala director said, even if the "broken sound" is better than lip-synch. Indeed, art loses sincerity, there is no glory.  And those who have been too perfect for the artists are not the passion and passion of art, appear so mediocre, the rising sun masculine this state of innocence is what these professionals do not have. The film "Orphan of Zhao" magic for mediocrity from last year's Lunar festival schedule of "Zhao Orphan", "Non-interference 2" to this year's Spring Festival schedule of the "New Shaolin Temple", "the martial arts", "will love to the end", adaptation or sequel has become a trend, can not say that the domestic film makers are not complacent, Perhaps this is the strong box office pressure of the helpless choice. It is said that this year will be hit TV series "Struggle", "latent" was adapted for the film on the big screen. "Zhao's orphan" is the Yuan Dynasty Yu Junxiang a Yuan Zaju, has circulated nearly thousand years. There have been too many classic versions of "Zhao Orphan" adaptation, is considered to be the fifth generation of directors of the most profound literary skills, Chen Kaige preference for such subjects, but his adaptation is not accepted by the majority of the audience. YesMany viewers believe that before the "promise" of the fiasco so that Chen song to recognize the needs of the audience, so there will be "Mei Lanfang" to Mei Lanfang after the compromise, and "Zhao Orphan" to the modern concept of the audience closer to meet.  Unfortunately, "Zhao's orphan" is not only a propaganda of Chinese traditional culture, Confucian classics, but also a collection of revenge, court, murder of all the business elements of the classic, when the adaptation, if you can not stand on the shoulders of giants, at least to stand on the opposite side of giants, must not lie at the foot of giants still feel very tall and heroic. "Will love to the end" has not let people look forward to even though more than 10 years ago the so-called first youth idol drama "will love to the end," Yapeng and Xu Jing, but the two people on the big screen but not to let a lot of viewers look forward to, when two people's youth image captured Hearts, now they are already the film and television industry "Old Man", Lack of freshness. Another already released "martial arts" is just in the background of Chen Yao's divorce, resulting in super strong attention. After the TV series hit, according to the drama adapted drama in Shanghai and Beijing both received praise, the same film also completed the show once again gorgeous turn, this is a good TV drama transformation good drama, and successful transformation of good films few examples. The reason for success, in fact, in addition to retaining the character settings and basic comedy mode, the basic story lines are written by Ning-Mammon, this adaptation of the serious attitude or people are very appreciated.  It's not easy to jump out of the box and keep the taste of the essence. The stage drama "Sweet Honey" brought out the fashion sense Gauchich for the first time as a theatrical director, Sha, Lin Heart such as starring the "Sweet" than many viewers expected a lot better, but unfortunately the show at the box office has led to fewer performances in Beijing. The heart of a Hong Kong-Taiwan-speaking and never-played drama is a question, not to mention a military drama background in a special historical period. But in fact, no expectations are easy to get surprises, whether the actor's performance or the story, people feel that the countryside of the educated youth life, although the spirit of repression, but it is a very simple and memorable youth. In particular, after the adaptation, adding a lot of warm colors, that male and female students of the romantic, but also won the praise of young viewers.  Lin Xin, although Mandarin is still a bit stiff, but her performance is very rare. "Generations" completion of the task can not be completed if Lao she this "most perfect" novel "Generations" easily adapted for the stage, I am afraid not until today by the Tian-Xin director of the adaptation. Finished young players Hailu, Simberg, small Tao Hong, Huang and so on are accurate and perfect interpretation of the role of the play.  But it has to be said that the character of the numerous, complicated drama show time up to three hours, stage set by the actors jumped into the pull to pull, so that the audience looked a little hard. Although the two years of theatrical adaptations have not failed, but there is still a gap from the international first-class repertoire. The jacket and the previous Requiem, which came to Beijing last year, were all adaptations of Chekhov's works, two playsFull of imaginative ideas, are not confined to Chekhov's original story, but focus on Chekhov's tragic content to dig out, out of the story of sadness and joy, into the people to reflect on the spiritual level of life, this is the master of the adaptation. Morning News reporter Herun Morning News reporter Jiang Haobo Chai Chunxi Schunyang/photo
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