The influence of spatial shutdown on search engine collection

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In order to avoid the impact on the main station and minimize the cost of the experiment, the experiment uses the new domain name and test space. Space was first opened in the evening of March 19, March 22 night closed, the first phase of the experiment lasted three days, these three days is mainly to see Baidu and Google to the new station collection speed.

Google in 48 hours included 2 articles, and Baidu in three days does not seem to include, in fact, has been included, but did not release, and later proved.

April 9, about 18 days after the space was closed, Baidu, when the accident found that Baidu since the collection of 2 articles, this also confirmed some netizens, Baidu's new station included about 20 days, in fact, the correct argument should be put out of the time about 20 days.

Space again opened on April 20, time interval of 30 days or so time, in Baidu and Google has no record of site. Baidu recovered its original data on 21st (just as it was updated in Monday) without any external links, and Google did not respond one weeks later.

Come to Baidu on the space close for one months still do not give up the domain name test, and Google has completely abandoned the detection.

One weeks later, in Baidu Space and merchant blog each sent a connection to the experimental site, the next day, Google included 6.

Experimental conclusion:

1. Baidu for the new station included time and Google almost, basically as long as there are one or two connections can be included in 48 hours, but Baidu to be released in 20 days or so.

2. The space after a long time to be closed, after the space back to normal, Baidu can easily restore the data collected before, and Google needs the external connection of the guide to recover data.

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