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Affordable less than 5 years after the sale of divorce case in the case of the report (reporter Wang Penghao correspondent yang) affordable purchase less than 5 years not listed transactions, but a real estate intermediary to forge a court verdict, will be a set of less than 5 years of affordable sold, and transfer to a company in charge of the name. The matter in the original owner of the divorce case to be uncovered.  Changping prosecutor's office yesterday revealed that the forgery of the verdict of Chen MoU was arrested for forging State organs official documents, intermediary company Zhang, Lee, and others were caregiver treatment. Prosecutors disclosed that in March 2009, von MoU in a real estate intermediary registration information ready to sell a set of affordable in the Huilongguan area. The intermediary company director Zhang found, if bought this set of houses, resell can earn more than 100,000 yuan.  He decided to buy the set of affordable by the company and transfer it to Li Yu, the deputy manager of the company. Intermediary company staff know that this House belongs to purchase less than 5 years of affordable, according to the normal procedure can not transfer. But Zhang heard that if there is a court judgement, it can be such affordable for transfer. So, Zhang found a real estate once did Chen help.  Chen MoU later based on the material provided by Lee, someone to forge a court verdict, the content for, von some money owed to Lee, the set of affordable mortgage to Lee, von a debt, the court decision will affordable transferred to Lee. June 2009, the intermediary company staff paid more than 600,000 yuan, the two sides to the housing construction, by virtue of the verdict and other materials will this set of affordable transfer to the name of Lee.  Afterwards, Chen MoU gets he 50,000 yuan from intermediary company. Recently, von a husband's lawyer in the agent divorce lawsuit, found von a set of affordable, January 2008 for the property card, 2009 years for sale. The lawyer thinks something is fishy, to live construction construction department found the transfer of the use of court judgments. After being verified by the Court, the judgment was forged. Eventually, the police arrested the suspect Chen. At present, the suspect Zhang, Li, and others have been caregiver treatment.
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