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We buy newspaper ads, radio advertising, to the later Internet advertising, has been the media, location and other forms, even with the emergence of a variety of advertising alliances, we see is based on a certain industry media display, advertising 50% of the funding where the problem has been so many people in the exploration, The power of technology is really amazing, and the magic of data makes many people crazy after the concept of big data comes into being.

Recently in the online advertising industry A word is crazy, that is "DSP." What is DSP? It is the abbreviation of Demand-side platform, the demand side platform. It and the ad ">exchange and RTB (real time Bidding real-time bidding) with the rapid rise in the network advertising developed Europe and the United States, DSP in China is also just beginning, there are many enterprises to launch this platform, the core of DSP is the demand, to solve the main problem of advertising is the platform's goal, ROI promotion, marketing more accurate ... The value of such a platform arises when the advertisement is converted from "buy position" to "buyer". When users open the Internet, the behavior habits, purposes, based on a specific user access to advertising, the user will have their own interests and hobbies, advertising, if they can, can produce the greatest benefits. Such users are scarce resources in the ocean of the Internet, and he has the charm to let advertisers compete for opportunities to present themselves in front of users.

The development of DSP more test the comprehensive strength of the operator, audience coverage, brand customer penetration and other indicators is to promote a platform for the development of the key, for the basic technical capabilities of the platform, but the data cleaning, analysis, optimization of the ability in this platform is particularly important, advertisers are in the buying crowd, People with different labels become the most interested in the ads show an "intent to pool", this form of promotion and transformation effect is very good, however, it depends on the accuracy of the platform tag, the amount of data is large enough, the breadth of the data category. Just in China, the rise of the DSP, there have been all the road Kennedy gearing up, advertising the main newspaper with full interest, this magic is not general, this wand is not the average person can ride.

The future of advertising will become more interactive, more understanding of the user, DSP and RTB in the solution to this problem, a former ad with some people's interest, but there are many people do not like, this is the fixed position of the passive effect, the user is mandatory, although the DSP advertising is not the user to choose which one to show, But the DSP based on cookies renders the types and products that users like. Users ' exclusive ads, the possibility of stimulating interest greatly increased, click, Understand, buy ... A series of transformation behavior followed, I am looking forward to the DSP release of this powerful large data magic, advertisers are ready?

(Author Wei Jiadong Afocus, deputy general manager of digital marketing of Ling Fox Technology Sina microblogging: @ Wei Jiadong)

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