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The anchor text link in the reverse link in the Web site should be a variety of different webmaster will tend to use important keywords in the text of the link. It's actually dangerous, because it is not natural, because it is not man-made backlinks will use different links text, and can not be the only one text to do the link, the link is more and more important to the relevant pages this webmaster are clear, generally from the relevance of the industry site links have a higher weight. So when looking for links in the same industry with the site in the relevant site to spend some time, if the new station to do outside the chain is difficult, and their own site different industries can only be included in the normal search engine.

Links in different places in the page with different weights, links do not all came from the bottom of the site of the links, but should be the site of different locations, text, navigation, may also be at the bottom. Each increase in the chain not a day to increase the hundreds of on the chain or even thousands of of the reverse link, such unconventional growth, search engine will put your website example into the sandbox area, one of the reasons, the weight is down with K, if you all the reverse link PR is 4,5 should not be very natural, A chain link to the home site so that the formation of a network circle, if your site has many backlinks from pornographic sites, gambling sites, and selling Viagra sites, this is not a good omen that links should come from healthy sites, preferably all links from different IP addresses are also in order to make backlinks naturally a little, If a large part of your reverse link is limited to several IP addresses or several servers, then trying to manipulate the search engine traces is heavier. What would be so convenient, even to your site is on the same server it? Links from both old and new sites are still in order to make backlinks more natural.

Friendship Link is a very friendly thing, as long as not excessive, not to purely increase the chain, or do some anchor text to point to the content page, Cai reminded do not put all the links point to your home page, but should be part of the link spread to the content page, while the text of the link to change, Do not blindly just do a word of the reverse link, blog is a good example, he has done well in the chain, the article and the article are linked to each other instead of linking to the home page, the reverse link anchor text link is often overlooked by the webmaster, So in the article to do anchor text link is very important to improve the content page and the relationship between the article.

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