The Midwest and the east are fighting for peasant workers. West emotional East Move money

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BCC Beijing February 10 News According to China's voice, "Yang News" reported that with the change of China's economic map, the phenomenon of "peasant worker shortage" which has aroused concern several years ago has been especially prominent in this year, and it is worth noting that the Midwest began to compete with the East for the fierce competition of peasant workers.  China's voice link on duty editor Xu Jie, concerned about the specific situation.  Moderator: In this year's battle for migrant workers, the Midwest has adopted what new methods? Xu Jie: With the acceleration of industrial transfer, the Midwest region has also ushered in the peak of the demand for migrant workers, and these areas, in the past, are the main export province of migrant workers. Close to home, generous conditions, so many migrant workers chose to stay at home to work. For the Midwest and East local governments, the current recruitment has been as important as investment. Especially from this year onwards, the Midwest and the East launched a fierce competition for migrant workers.  Because it is the home of migrant workers, the Midwest in the struggle for migrant workers to play the emotional card mainly to take the feeling to stay people's approach. In Chongqing, for example, Zhongqing local officials have a new job this year to try to keep part of the migrant workers returning home for the Lunar New Year to ensure that the city does not have a "shortage of migrant workers". In order to retain migrant workers, the Zhongqing Economic and Information Committee also issued a first for "the city to go out to work friends" consolation. The consolation, while sensational, also gave a number of substantive commitments, "there are public rental, children's schooling and other policy environment, but also to take care of the elderly and children at close range." "Excellent employment conditions, so many migrant workers have chosen to stay in rural jobs."
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