The Ministry of Land will be returned to the CBRC 80% or be withdrawn

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BCC Beijing August 3 News According to the Voice of China "News late Peak" 16:42 reported that the Ministry of Land and Resources, said: "Has been a 1457 cases involving the national statistical table to the CBRC, the CBRC will be based on this" blacklist "to do a comprehensive risk screening.  80% of the unused land may be withdrawn. In this "about the real estate development enterprise Land idle Situation table", Beijing, Guangzhou, Hainan, Jiangsu and other place become the idle land "the hardest hit", the four vacant land quantity occupies nearly one-fourth of the whole country, 70% above the idle land nature for the dwelling. Beijing Idle Land A total of 160 cases, the total area of 7.03 million square meters, of which 125 plots are caused by the government, 35 cases are caused by enterprises.
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