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In Friday, the 18-month suspension of St Chunlan complex Licensing, the stock opened 11.6 yuan, up 78.19%, the price became the highest price of the day, after the opening shock lower, closed to 9.70 yuan, rose 49%, turnover rate of 35.7%.  Known as the "most cattle stock school" of Qingdao Aviation Technology Specialized College (hereinafter referred to as Qingdao Airlines) as the largest shareholder in the circulation of St Chunlan, estimated to have about 16.768 million yuan in revenue yesterday. Stir-Fry St shares have been successful since 2008, "Qingdao Aviation Technology Specialized College" has appeared in five stocks of the top ten circulating shareholders.  According to reports, Qingdao Airlines has held the St shares have St Zhangjiajie (now St Zhangjiajie), Salt Lake Group (now Salt Lake Group), St Chunlan, SST Autumn Forest, South Building materials (now the South Building materials) and so on. As a bold copy of the bottom of the "garbage stocks", Qingdao airlines are known as "the most cattle stock school." At present, Qingdao Airlines has been successively from the Salt Lake Group, SST Autumn forest, south Building materials, St Zhangjiajie and other stocks to retire.  April 29 This year, St Zhangjiajie due to share reform was announced suspension, to the closing price of the day, the Qingdao Airlines estimated to earn more than 12 million yuan. It is estimated that the sale of St Chunlan Query St Chunlan report, Qingdao Airlines is the April 2008 "latent" in, a total of 3.6373 million shares, and the month of Chunlan's average price of 5.70 yuan/share. So, Qingdao Airlines in Friday has been the St Chunlan bag for Ann?  In Friday, the reporter dialed the school's website to log out of the phone, the other said it is the admissions office, do not know the latest situation of stocks. However, St Chunlan on the Friday after the transaction return show, sold the first large seat for the Citic Wantong Securities Qingdao Economic and technological Development Zone Jinggangshan Road Sales department, sell the amount of 3.752 million yuan. And before the industry said, the Qingdao Airlines stock account is precisely located in the Citic Wantong Qingdao Economic and technological Development Zone Jinggangshan Road Sales department, the transaction is not frequent, mostly through online transactions.  Considering that Qingdao Airlines is often in the next quarter after the resumption of trading shares of 10 large circulation shareholders disappeared, Qingdao Airlines in Friday selling light St Chunlan is very likely. Citic Wantong Qingdao, the sales department of the sale of Qingdao Airlines if all are sold, through the calculation of the average price of 10.31 yuan, which is exactly the same as St Chunlan on the entire average price of Friday. Considering that the average price of St Chunlan was 5.70 yuan/share last April, the Qingdao Airlines earned 4.61 yuan per share, and earned about 16.768 million yuan in total. [Page] Chunlan returned to stimulate appliance stocks Chunlan is a well-known electrical appliances in Jiangsu Province, as a result of 2005 to 2007 consecutive 3-year losses, on May 9, 2008 was suspended listing. September 6, 2009, St Chunlan announced with a value of 656 million of the accounts receivable and three subsidiaries of the group owned by the Taizhou power plant 10% shares, Taizhou star Granville Real estate company 60% Equity and 156,000 square meters of land and other assets。 With the replacement of assets, St Chunlan stripping non-performing assets, in the guarantee St Chunlan main air conditioning business without changes in the case, get injected new profit project. This year's quarterly bulletin shows that St Chunlan's net profit of July-September this year has swung to 159 million yuan, a loss of 10.64 million yuan in the same period last year.  Third-quarter operating profit is also the first profit, profits 17.4 million yuan. With home appliances to the countryside to stimulate the policy, household appliances consumption, these days the listed companies have a good performance, and the return of the St Chunlan to the home appliance stocks have stimulated. In Friday, Sichuan Changhong, Hisense Electrical appliances are trading. For St Chunlan's share price performance in the Friday, Gold Securities wealth management Citic analyst Zhang Zhaowei in an interview that St Chunlan Low go, reflecting the market is not optimistic about the company's fundamentals, and the company's main business air-conditioning has not been fundamentally changed, performance mainly from the replacement of assets, is expected to continue to look to the future balance.
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