The most easily overlooked five fatal wounds in the design of foreign trade websites

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Through a company's website to carry out foreign trade business, may be the lowest cost of a marketing approach, more and more foreign trade companies have chosen the website construction, through the form of network to expand their own market share or to facilitate their own old customers to understand the latest products and services. But because the industry is different, do not familiar with the Foreign Trade website construction, do not familiar with the Web site foreign trade and foreign customers online habits and other reasons, so that the domestic foreign trade sites have some collective problems, resulting in the site to do the ads on the line Yinianbanzai, also did not bring any customers, more serious is the old customers have not retained, So in private the weak guess: is not a foreigner to do business do not like to see the site Ah? Oh, the answer is, of course, the negative, in fact, some of the site design of the misunderstanding and details of the problem so that you and the customer left to the right to go, you do not know. Here according to Checo's years of experience and share with you, hope to help everyone, not perfect wrong place at any time welcome criticism and discussion.

The first fatal wound: Foreign trade website text translation on a lot of English spelling or grammatical errors, so that foreign customers feel your company is not professional and lose trust;

Many foreign trade companies in the development of e-mail and advertising, but ignored the site content of the most basic grammar and spelling, you casually find a domestic foreign trade English web site to know how many low-level errors, rather than simply do not put the wrong. A company profile and product description are not accurate to write suppliers, how can foreign customers at ease to give you the money to order it?

Some foreign trade companies are Soho themselves, in order to save money, the English level is general, their own translation tools to change, the result is not engaged in the English explanation fell into English joke, and some foreign trade company map, from the translation to the website content all to the website construction company, feel very convenient, really save trouble, But the result of their own business also saved, just imagine, the general website construction How can the translation of professional vocabulary? Often is the use of translation tools Jiehuaxianfo, a lot of times, you do not know, still complaining about why the advertising fee spent so much effect, network marketing is not a myth? Other people e-commerce developed so well , there must be some 72 changes in the martial arts cheats it? But forgot that they even basic words are not spelled right. Therefore, the content of the Foreign Trade Web site must be given full attention, must be seriously translated or professional translators to translate.

The second fatal wound: Foreign trade website often cannot open abroad, or open the website slow like to play Taiji;

This problem is often due to the customer greedy for cheap, choose low-cost quality of the host space is not guaranteed, often just the beginning of a few days soon very stable, after a two months, more and more slowly, and then often can not open, want to refund is impossible burritos, want to change space and feel wasteful, The loss of the intangible is far more than the original savings of the one hundred or two hundred dollars. So, no matter what money you save, do not save money on server space, because as we often say in our lives, Cao Cao, unstable host space often in the customer needs when the problem. In the selection of host space, you can refer to the existing Web site visits, you can call their foreign friends also visit, to see stability and instability, speed can not be accepted, when one months can not visit more than three times, should consider replacing the host space. Foreign trade sites are generally selected overseas host space, the speed of foreign visits are relatively faster.

The other is the home page put too many pictures, especially flash animation, download to a few seconds or even more than 10 seconds, generally is not desirable, if you add background music, it is more slow. Of course, this specific problem to specific analysis, if it is the image of propaganda brand, such as perfume and luxury ah clothing design Ah, these sites consider the first element of visual auditory effect, may be necessary to sacrifice a little speed.

The third fatal wound: The interactive function of the website has come without, like message, consultation, the foreigner earnestly fills out the form, wistfully also did not get your reply;

Almost all foreign trade websites will have message feedback columns or functions, but many times, the foreign trade site to bring customers and customer feedback is very little, the site has just completed the time, but also interested in a daily trip, after a week without customer information, after one months or no feedback, After three months still no customer message advisory information, then slowly interested in less, every day to see into a Zooey look at the end became a whim to see, finally, the site really has customer access and message consultation, but missed, or wait to see the time has been several days or even a week passed.

Even if the customer sees your reply, it is estimated that there will be no confidence in this efficiency, after all, all trust is built on the network. The solution suggested by Checo is that you can set up their own foreign trade company web site as the default home page, every day to see the Internet, one is to check whether the customer feedback consultation, the second is to see whether the site can open, if it is so troublesome, you can design the site on the website message ordering and other customer information directly to the mailbox Instead of Web site management, and then use Foxmail, Outlook and so on to send and receive mail is very convenient, after all, do not even mail to do foreign trade to see every day, it is not a big boss is to change careers.

The fourth fatal wound: The website content is too simple, many foreign trade websites in addition to the company brief contact way and the product display outside, did not have anything, the mistake content simple as the design concise.

We are accustomed to the identification of large sites and small site differences, in addition to the layout looks like the atmosphere, is the content is rich. A lot of customers will say the first sentence, my site is simple, as long as the company profile product introduction and contact method on the line, they hope that this can save some money, know that, save the two hundred or three hundred, the result is missing tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of orders are not known. Because many foreign customers can not come to your company face-to-face business, the site became their understanding of your company and the main window of the business, you think there is no need to speak of things, perhaps some customers also want to see on the site to feel more confident to order. Just like we buy daily necessities and buy goods in the supermarket, the quality may not be the difference, but the supermarket that lam the scale let us involuntarily feel better than the good quality of goods, even if the price is more expensive.

Moreover, for search engines, the more Web pages you have, the richer the content, the more pages included, and the higher the chances of being searched by customers. Therefore, the column rich affirmation is better than simple, even if the content does not have many special places, but has the total not to appear the profession. In particular, some product introduction page, you write the parameters of the more detailed, often easy to get some long tail keywords or unpopular keyword search access, do not underestimate these visits, precision search brings the general quality of visitors, data statistics show that these search access to a single chance is very high.

The fifth fatal wound: The website design does not conform to the foreign user browsing habit, causes the foreigner to be difficult to find he wants the information;

This problem is generally not a big problem, mainly product classification and product list displayed in the order there, foreign customers are generally used in alphabetical order, and some foreign trade sites are in accordance with the order to add orders, and other products more than the classification of products after more, it appears disorderly and disorderly. Once, I help customers in alphabetical order, the customer stressed that he mainly do the most product classification, to put those several categories put to the front, the customer's psychology can be understood, think of their own advantage products to the front, actually not necessary, but will appear to be irregular. We want to emphasize that their main product can be prominent in the home gold position, but the product classification is based on the search function, like our library, clear at a glance of the regularity is the most important.

There's one thing that's easy to overlook, we look at some foreign websites, they are very concerned about privacy protection, there will be privacy and other related statements, and the construction of the domestic site is rarely such a habit, customers do not say, designers do not do, and even I help customers do such a column, customers will also say what to do?

Thank you for your earnest view of the end, hope to help friends, today said these are Checo five years of experience in the design of foreign trade Web site some real experience, perhaps some content is not very fresh, but is completely Checo original, a word a punctuation is really not easy to print, want to reprint annotated author Checo, Friends who are interested in further discussion are welcome to add my QQ403571900 exchange.

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