The most expensive mansion in Hong Kong has been falsely traded

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The Hong Kong Building, located in mid-levels, reported last year that the 68 floor a room was sold at HK $439 million per square metre, the most expensive mansion in the world.  Speculators retreat or fraudulent transactions? 20 sets of tarts for more than billion Hong Kong dollar June 22, the Lands Department sent a letter to Henderson property, enquiries about the cancellation of 20 units of the Hong Kong mid-levels mansion "Tin Wui", the units that have been cancelled include the sky-high prices of HK $700,000/m2, the "world's most expensive" record, and Henderson property is being questioned as a "market-building"  and making false deals. The incident was in October 2009, Shau, a renowned property developer at the helm of Hong Kong, launched a mansion in the mid-levels of Hong Kong, "Tian Hui", of which the 68-storey unit sold at a price of more than HK $700,000/m2 the highest price of a global tiered mansion, so fame. But at the beginning of this year, there were more than 20 news that the units claimed to have been sold were not sold.  For this reason, the Hong Kong Lands Department has sent six consecutive letters asking the Henderson to explain the incident, and Henderson has been explaining that it is only delaying the transaction. Until June 15, Henderson issued a notice on the settlement issue, officially confirmed that only 4 of the 24 units sold in June 11 ~ 14th to complete the transaction, and charged all prices and deferred transactions interest. The other 20 units have received a written request from the buyer to cancel the sale agreement, that is, "tart order", including "the most expensive mansion". Henderson said the buyers and sellers have agreed to cancel the agreement, the total amount of confiscated deposits of about HK $133 million, the cancellation of trading losses of about HK $734 million, will be accounted for in the interim results.  It is also said that the 20 flats will be resold immediately, but no further claims will be made to the original buyer for any price difference arising from the resale to avoid legal uncertainties. Henderson's "tolerant" move has made the market suspect that it is making fake deals to push up the price of high buildings, and it has also provoked the Commission to intervene. However, some Hong Kong property counterparts believe that the incident may not be a Henderson "market", it may be due to the impact of the mainland property market regulation, the buyer "retreat" to lead to a large number of transactions "tart". Under the existing legislation, buyers "tart" developers are not liable for any legal liability, but the most important thing is to monitor the transparency of their property market transactions. (Reporter Wang)
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