The necessary condition for the development of stationmaster is "learn to be original"

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In my life, the last few days in the original, in the heart is very relieved, the evening to write articles, the morning up to see the list and audit rankings, because they know the importance of the original webmaster development, SEO and outside the chain I do not want to say too much, the development of modern society needs your original, the development of the webmaster also need original, Below I will simply elaborate on the importance of the original, in the new era of the central role of webmaster development, to make a communication.

First, the original is the premise of survival.

The development of modern society has promoted original reform and innovation. You know, learning to be original, you learn to live. Modern society requires that talent must be a comprehensive quality, you have the ability to have knowledge. Competence and communication are two aspects of a problem. In the daily life appeared in the following situation: My ability is good, but not good at communication, I am good at communication, but the ability of others, if you learn to original, I believe your pattern will be different, your ability and communication will certainly have progress. China's reality is that people in China can write at home, the Chinese will now say people are out to say, like Han, you see him go out to speak? Like Chenan, you see he is in the home to write a successful study? The answer is definitely negative, so I am insisting on writing original every day. I want to write what, write more you naturally will understand, so a word, learn to original, you will learn to survive.

Second, the original is the source of power

I webmaster work in the Internet difficult under the hard, yesterday in the Webmaster network to see a version of the district, the heart always feel very disappointed, because here is the sale website Information release Place, stationmaster friends really is does not go on, will choose to publish here, then waits for which phase after sells own site, I thought a few, First, there is no hope to do the station, and the second is their plight is very miserable, you how hard you are not effective. But I insist on writing the original every day, now also has written 26 original articles, the above article represents my life process, I will not sell. In my query last night when the article was included found that I was false original. I have a lot of ideas, I write my own things are my own, others can only pseudo original, but they have no way to surpass me, I have been insisting on writing has been progress, the reason I can write down, is original gave me power. Learn to be original, you gain momentum.

Third, the original is the forefront of the form.

Habit is formed in weekdays. Everyone at first sight, everyone likes the first, as well as Baidu optimization and Google optimization is to conform to the people's habits. In the webmaster world you don't know Dong Shijun, you don't know Lou, you do not know Moonlight blog, you do not know mouchangqing, you do not know Zac, you will not Lin Ming Hao, you do not know Zhang Shenrong, then you will know a person, that is i mo Xiang trillion, because the above mentioned are in the original, I've seen too many cases that are original, but can insist on how many original, no first or close to the first is no one will mention you, original only insist you can continue to promote their progress, my advice to the webmaster is to adhere to the original, you will seize the forefront of things. You will move towards a successful future. No original, you can not see my writing now, yo webmaster to want to do their own website, you must adhere to the original.

The word original in the new period was given a new connotation, if you have such an idea, study for three months, research three months, adhere to three months, then your writing level will have a qualitative leap, the original session will be more than one person. Hope I said to the original understanding can bring you a little value, focus on the original, focus on writing, your site will be successful, this is my biggest wish.

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