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Seoer Novice do site optimization keywords a lot how to do? For just do seo people, they will want to choose a lot of keywords, such as Shanghai SEO, website optimization, network promotion, network Marketing and many other keywords, see these popular keywords, they all want to do, that how to choose? Perhaps most people will put all the money they want to do in the title of the keyword together.

Just that practice is not conducive to the optimization of the site, but for the user experience is not good, the party to remind everyone, whether it is the home page or other pages, optimize the promotion of the keyword best not more than 3, think I am now the title of the site is very messy, I would like to stabilize the site In fact, to do keyword optimization, as long as targeted to optimize the relevant keywords within 3, the effect is very good! More keywords, will dilute each keyword in the title of importance, thus reducing the ranking of each keyword. Of course, these are not certain, there will be some accidents, after all, search engine algorithm is not so perfect.

Many people will feel that the more words I choose, the wider the area, the better the ranking, but it is not. A page focus on not more than 3 keywords, if these several keyword optimization results are displayed, the effect will be very large, the more favorable for SEO optimization.

Why not optimize the key words for 3? Because they will bring you not only the flow of these few keywords, but also the combination of these several keywords, as well as their related extensions.

For example, let's be clear. If you optimize the key word is Nanchang logistics company, so as long as users search Nanchang Logistics Center, Nanchang Logistics, Nanchang Logistics company which good and so on words, can reach your website, if you want to Nanchang freight company, Nanchang Moving Company, Nanchang Express Company all together to do, it is not so good effect. This is not only detrimental to the main keyword optimization, and other key will not have a good ranking, if you search "Nanchang logistics company", then appear in the first place is definitely dedicated to do this keyword site, not you, because your keyword is not clear. How to optimize your choice of keywords? The party also gives some suggestions, not necessarily completely correct, reference can be.

1, a clear Web site hierarchy and text links can give customers an intuitive feeling, so that customers can find the things they want, and the site of each page has a static text link open.

2, the important part of the website, such as homepage, column, navigation and so on set up a sitemaps, this advantageous user better crawl to oneself want of thing.

3, the inside chain of the website, is the user reads your article, discovers a sparkle, you this sparkle must have a link to go in, lets the user understand more oneself, this is the so-called anchor text, but this link general control in 5.

4, the content of the article must be related to their own website, you can use the word of your site's long tail as the title of the article, of course, there are other ways, as long as your content can be clear, so that users have harvested, this is the best.

5, the site's design and content is best to use text to display important names, content or links, such as logos, display pictures, flash, etc., if you must want these words, it is best to add a < title > elements and ALT attributes, and accurate.

6, to ensure that each site's HTML format correctly, so that each page static, if the dynamic page (that is, the Web site with "?") character), should take a way to make the pseudo static, so that the search engine better included.

Seoer Novice do site optimization keywords a lot of how to do? A simple sentence is: Because the focus, so professional, so there is a good ranking, customers easier to find you. This article originates from the Http:// website, A5 the first, reprint indicates the source. Thank you!

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