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When the webmaster work hard day and night to work, finally the site to do up, and the effort is also very large, as long as you are a webmaster will be able to experience. Pay the sweat of what money can not be spent in vain ah! We have to do everything possible to publicize their website, the flow of people to pay a lot of effort has also paid off. Our first step will often be targeted at Baidu or Google to promote, this is the fastest way to promote the collection of more, the site page of the probability of the more, we have to consider how to obtain higher traffic through the search engine, the key words may be we very effective investment. It is important for a website to first identify the core keywords.

The importance of keyword selection

One question that people often ask is: What keywords should I identify for my site? That's a good question! Because the keywords on your site should not be overlooked. The choice of keywords should be considered a major part of your overall marketing strategy. Unless something makes web spiders "crawl" onto your site, the words you put on your site should often be indexed by search engines. How does a search engine differentiate your site? How do netizens find your site through search engines? The text content of your website is an important basis.

The most basic choice of keyword strategy is to choose the words that are often searched by netizens. Don't try to think in terms of the people who are proficient in your business, but consider the problem from the perspective of your target audience. For example, if we want to do an NBA site, I will not directly to determine the keyword "NBA", such a word competitive pressure is too big, to do not know how to wait a few years to do it? ^_^

The target group we want to identify is people who like to watch NBA games, if your keywords are too common, then we have a large number of visitors who are just looking for people or things that are related to the NBA, not some particular one that wants to see an NBA game. Those special visitors who really want to see the NBA will not enter the search terms, the words they may enter are "Lakers vs rockets", "rockets dozens of wins" or some qualifying words like "Who's the best in the NBA", such as the Unlimited fantasy site, which has the most cattle content in the NBA, On a certain page in, the page is likely to be searched, if your station is recorded.

Perhaps your keyword is extracted from the service or product provided, you can also apply the above ideas to your business operations. If you are selling special products, or products produced by special manufacturers, you will find that netizens are not searching for universal vocabulary. Some of the words extracted from a particular product or manufacturer may be such as "Dell notebook computer" or "Halliwinston jewelry" and so on.

Keyword choices: Focus on your focus!

The above said, should take this sentence as the center to start, instead of starting with a certain keyword, when you do this, you should make sure that you can push those visitors to your site and that the visitors are looking for products and information that you can provide, Don't attract visitors who aren't looking for products or services that you can offer. If you're offering what a new visitor is looking for, that means there's a lot of potential customers on your site who are buying high.

The key to emphasize is not to waste time in a search or search for a very low rate of keywords, so the site's own development is very unfavorable. You have to focus your keyword research on all your keywords. Your keyword research should provide you with valuable information that will help you decide which is the target keyword. When you want to determine the key words, there are two important factors you want to analyze, first, you have to determine the number of keywords to be searched; second, the number of pages of your competitor appearing on the search results page after you enter the keyword.

To do a keyword must first determine the number of your competitor's site, as long as you open a favorite search engine, type your keywords, see how many sites appear in the search results can be. Unfortunately, it's not easy to determine which keywords most people type frequently, and it's hard to do this job. Now there are a lot of tools to help you analyze.

Keyword Confirmation Tool--the key to enlarge the browsing volume!

Keyword tools can help us peek into the search engine world. The best thing about the keyword validation tool is to help us identify which of the keywords that are being typed are the most popular, and do you really want to know what keywords are commonly used by people who spend a lot of your time confirming? How exactly do we know how many times we've searched for keywords We've extracted? Take a look at the keyword confirmation tool.

There are a lot of free keyword verification tools available, the most popular seems to be the Overture keyword tool, and those who pay the tool, they still have a big gap, but it is still an efficient, can tell us how to do good tools.

A paid Keyword tool is a tool that helps you delve deeper into critical statistical areas, most of which come from their databases, and data from databases that are reported by search results from billions of different search engines around the world. You can use this tool to identify what people are searching for, what search terms bring the most traffic, and what keywords to improve your online business.

Currently two major keyword research companies are word Tracker and keyword Discovery. The two have some unique features that make a difference, but they have some similarities. Some of their programs start with generic keywords, and then find words from their database that relate to your initial keywords. The biggest difference between them may be that they offer a different "keyword making" tool.

When netizens search for what they really want, you get a list of keywords to choose from. Most cases show that the first few words on the list will be the keywords that you will confirm, and the more keywords on the list, the fewer occurrences in the search engine.

One of the biggest features of keyword tools is the "Keyword manufacturing" tool. It is used to help you pick out a replacement shrine that you don't immediately think of, and these tools may help you find words that end in a plural, or present, or end in ing, or even misspelled words. These keywords are just for your advice, and you still need to make sure they are not the words that netizens will type into the search bar, and many have made a mistake about arrogance, which is to assume that it's a good idea to use different forms of a word without doing research.

Once the keyword is identified, the keyword tool uses the Kei,kei tool to determine the validity of any keyword, the most appropriate keyword is the most popular (there are a large number of searchers), but the competitiveness is not strong, that is not appear in a lot of web pages.

So it's a pretty useful tool to analyze.

I am the first time to write articles, there are many mistakes and wrong words please try to correct, thank you in the white busy reading this piece of article, do not know you have no inspiration, welcome to add ^_^

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