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In addition to expressing your opinion as much as possible, the name of the public account has to be personal.

"Entrepreneurial State" magazine article/Wei

Columnist Introduction:

WEI: New Media Observer, Shanghai Jiaotong University Media and design college lecturer

Many media people in the "amateur" time to engage in a public account, it media people because of the proximity, to get more. The reason why I quote in my spare time is that it takes a while to make a public account, and the more time a subscriber spends, the more energy and time they spend, the more they really want to quote.

and whether or not a public account is expected to have a successful business model in the future, at least the title can rise to the top-and that is one of the benefits. Some low moral integrity of the media room or write some soft text, because it is their own account, issued to very easy, but also to collect a small fee. The media have become popular with public accounts.

Will media organizations be envious of the influence created by individual public accounts? Most of the cases, I rarely hear of the media asking individuals to serve the media with their own public accounts. But the world is jiabuzhu with some brain-mutilation leaders.

A recent media person told me that her media group had asked her to hand over her public account. The incident made her angry and helpless. She asked me: Is this possible?

It depends on the specifics. specifically to the media, the content of her public account, and the content of her media organization, has a huge intersection. So we can make the judgment that if she's not a journalist in the media, she won't be able to make so much. This judgment is largely tenable. In this case, in theory, the media group wants her to hand over the public account, and there's nothing to it, because she uses the resources the media organizations give her.

This approach, and feeling is not very close, but really to fight the lawsuit, I guess the media organizations win very big. The crux of the matter is: how to avoid this?

My opinion is: to be in the public account of their own as far as possible to express their subjective views and views, rather than do the report, gossip. The latter in fact, media organizations are also able to arrange for a person to take over, so you can continue to do the report, pull gossip. But the former is different, the subjective point of view and view, everyone is not the same. The public account has gathered so many subscribers, the core of which is your views and opinions, has been praised by subscribers. Once someone else, these subscribers will run away, easy.

In addition to expressing your opinion as much as possible, the name of the public account has to be personalized-for example, simply by using your own name to make an account. I am the media friend's public account is a well-organized completely can not see the name of the individual color (such as what it observation, technology-like), was received to change a person to operate, the media has done.

In general, the game between the individual and the Organization, the organization is dominant, the lawsuit to it all than you have some advantages. The way to protect yourself is actually a hostage approach: by collecting my public account, you lose, and your media organization is no good. Therefore, only by highlighting the personal color to do this, the report of what the operation of the method, completely do not have this role.

However, if a media principal is already brain-dead and asks you to turn in your public account, it basically means he's not afraid of losing a double. In my opinion, the only way to block is the public account with its own name. Considering that a lot of people have already done one, and the name of the public account is quite difficult to change (but not without, such as cloud technology is called the pregnancy peak), so most media people can only be normal and their own organization good relations, as far as possible do not let this happen. The big media is better, own face than your that point subscriber much heavier, small media, really bad talk.

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