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On March 20, the final censored test opened, the new online game "The Painted World 2" popularity has been high, so far the server is still full state. So what is the reason for the "Painted World 2" can be so hot? Let's take a look at the players fall in love with the "painted World 2" five reasons!

New online game "The Painted World 2" client Download: http://h2.70yx.com/news/indexshtml/2015-03-16/201557160557133137.shtml

New net swims "the Painted World 2" seal the test official website: http://h2.70yx.com

The new net swims "the Painted World 2" official forum: http://h2bbs.70yx.com/forum-104-1.html

New online Games "The Painted World 2" registration: http://reg.70yx.com/login.aspx?ReturnURL=http%3a%2f%2freg.70yx.com%2findex.aspx

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It's better to play. Talking about the five reasons why players fall in love with "The Painted World 2"

"The new net swims the painted World 2" exquisite screenshot "

Reason one, colorful photo IMAX-level game screen

"The Painted World 2" uses is the Kirin game 3D high-end self research engine "Evolution Engine", the higher freedom lets the production group be able to carry on the bolder attempt. 3D streaming rendering, global lighting and other high-end technology applications so that the sun, water, falling flowers more vivid, IMAX quality standards let you enjoy the beauty to the ultimate Oriental magic feast.

Second, to maximize the benefits of random play players

The same style of playing strange, brush this model is often easy to make the player become mechanized, feel very boring, boring. "The Painted World 2" bold innovation, random copies, random events, such as popular play on the line, more open equipment random drop mechanism. Players in the wild beat boss, or in the underground palace hanging machine may pick up the game of the best equipment, and these equipment are all unbound state, players can be based on their own needs to trade.

Reason three, violence PK 24 hours to release

At present, "The Painted World 2" 1v1 Tournament battlefield, 6v6 exquisite Fairyland battlefield has been open, in the future will add "Family City War" play, will be PK normalization, so that players can participate in the PK 24 hours at any time, enjoy the release of their cavity blood. Singled out, stronghold warfare, group PK and other forms you choose!

Reason four, mask system unique "painting" skin

Mask This play is "painted" series unique, in the "Painted World 2" in this classic play to continue. Players in the mask system needs to put different attributes of the mask reasonable arrangement and combination, thus stimulating greater potential. Who is Who's past life Fetters, who can get in the way? The combination of masks, perhaps, can give an answer.

Reason five, equipment to form a powerful magic weapon is also a work of art.

"The Mask World 2" in the Equipment formation system contains the creation, hits the star, the inscription, the spirit, the spirit, washes the soul as well as the gem mosaic and so on each kind of function to be readily available, is also "the Painted World 2" in one of the biggest nurturance system. Each piece of equipment through the player's careful training, not only become their own powerful magic weapon, but also become a fine art.

How can a person not fall in love with a game like this? If you are already echocardiography, then act quickly and join the "painted World 2"! Now the ultimate delete test is still in progress, may wish to enjoy the free play Oh! More wonderful details please pay attention to the "painted World 2" official microblogging, micro-letter.

About the "Painted World 2":

"The Painted World 2" is by China's top Ten Network game developers, one of the operators of the Kirin game lasted 3 years, the cost of independent research and development of the 3DMMORPG Oriental New Magic Net book masterpiece. Game plot ups and downs, Oriental magic color Rich, a "Yui" as the guide, through the people, demons, magic three realms of the unprecedented show incisively and vividly. Its pure game environment, can let the player again experience the first contact game when that unforgettable move!

This article only for the operator's official transmission of information, does not mean to play the point of view or have confirmed its content.

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