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Because my station is the English station, so in the promotion has always been in parallel, but the foreign industry Forum has been a few times, SEO forum is still the first time, and do not know what foreign countries are a national situation, the expected search A5, TUI18 is not found what, so direct GG SEO, Then added a forum, and then picked the ranking compared to the first few went in.

Feel that foreign forums to do than the domestic forum to be more beautiful and professional, seems to be because of the template or the program is not the same, the domestic use that discuz, where to see the forum is a look, the foreign forum is either the use of other programs, or is the design of their own, not very fancy, But it's pretty pleasing to the eye.

Overseas SEO Forum is very single-minded, the appearance of a large piece called "Google optimization", then Yahoo, MSN and other have not heard of a large pile of search engines in a separate large plate, think it is, China's Baidu and Google together to optimize the "both hands grasping both hands to hard" situation is very rare.

Then the forum posts and the domestic is very similar, the top is the description of the kind, and then the following are everyone's problem, it seems to see why Google does not include me, why my ranking does not go, why my page rank or 0, but still found and domestic forum is not the same, first, Did not have that kind of irrigation top post, the reply person basically is the honest answer question, but perhaps is because I still did not have the understanding English "the top" how to express. There is also the top sticker between the people will help each other, yesterday, I gave a new post to answer the question, the guy asked what is "Search engineer spam", I think foreign may be more accustomed to use wiki, so I replied that you go to a wiki, probably a mass mail or something. Then this morning I saw a guy in my downstairs message said: "Google is good, and then this guy is very blunt to my answer to say, I answer is spam meaning, not search engineer spam."

The first stroll, did not dare to post, even the top stickers dare not, because many words either do not understand, or do not know how to express, fortunately, stroll around, found a lot of words in English, such as "back linking" is a reverse link.

There is also a very interesting thing is, found that some of the guys when the reply directly to do the ads, the link sent on top and then ask someone to click on his website, he can provide a good SEO services. This is the experience of Overseas SEO Forum Day trip, there will be more time to go around, but also suggest to do the English station friends have time to go more, the signature inside add a chain, will soon be able to be caught by search engines, but also to improve the level of English.

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