The property market two times regulation function apparent October floor land price drops 30%

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October Floor Land price drop 30% 105 cities in October land turnover slipped, selling land into the last 60 days of the game Yangcheng reporter Zhaoyanhua, intern Tan Report: The property market two control a series of measures have gradually affected the housing companies plan to take. China Index Institute data show that October, the country has 105 urban land market turnover was significantly lower.  However, industry experts believe that the land supply can not keep up with the decline in housing prices, the new round of regulation needs to address the problem of inadequate land and housing supply. Homestead Floor Price Drop 30% China Index Research Institute data show that October National 105 key Cities total land area of 56.84 million square meters, the chain reduction of 16%, year-on-year reduction of 18%.  Among them, the residential land transactions 387 cases, the chain reduction of 20%, the year-on-year reduction of 26%; Two regulation for the land market price rise in the inhibition of obvious, residential land floor value of the chain drop nearly 30%. October, the country 105 urban residential land average floor price of 1732 yuan/㎡, the chain down 29%, up 7% year-on-year.  October, 105 cities in the country only 2 Suqian of dwellings were used.  Land market hot and cold uneven November 1, Guangzhou One breath to push 7 plots, this is since the "10 15" regulation rules issued since the first large-scale push. It is noteworthy that the central plot and suburban plots have already presented a pattern of ice-fire double days. On this side, the golden sand was melted down "king" by the House of looting, the final sale of 2.21 billion yuan high. and Guangzhou city planning Hot Plate Baiyun New Town has 4 plots will be sold, among them, the initial floor price of residential land has broken 7000 yuan/㎡; On the other side, October 25, Guangzhou after the "10 15" regulation of the first sale of the rules, Nansha two blocks are taken out at the bottom of the price, the equivalent floor value of 1557 yuan/  ㎡ and 1522 Yuan/㎡;26 days, Pazhou a commercial financial land more because no one to register the final streaming racket.  In Shanghai, the land premium also presents a "hot and cold uneven" state, mainly as the residential premium rate has soared, while the commercial and commercial premium rates are generally low. For the tension of housing prices "land" as the root of regulation, for the ground tension buried the hidden danger of rising prices. Experts believe that the core reason for high housing prices is in short supply. If the purchases are also increased, prices may be eased, or prices will rebound sharply if the policy is canceled.  In addition, if the task can not be completed, the local area will continue to rise in the phenomenon of house prices. Overall, data from the China Index Institute showed that, as of the end of September, only Shanghai and Guangzhou in the first-tier cities had more supplies than the same period last year, and it was a grim situation to complete the whole year. "' Limit purchase ' etc is temporary means, once the demand release, and subsequent supply can not meet, housing prices will face upward pressure." Sheng Chen, deputy Dean of China Index Research Institute, said, "a new round of regulation needs to be addressedThe problem of inadequate supply of land and housing. "The end of the year or push the climax" from Guangzhou November 1 Land auction results, the city center good plots will never be abandoned by developers. "Industry insiders believe that only two months left in 2010, the completion rate of Guangzhou push task is not 50%, do not rule out the government to remove land restrictions or reduce the threshold of land transfer, or lower land prices or preferential policies to attract developers to take the land."  In the next two months, the climax of Guangzhou's push will explode. Wuqiaobuchengshu, in Friday, Canton issued a land sale announcement, will be the first to transfer 3 Baiyun New Town residential plots, the total land area reached 87,000 square meters, the total construction area of nearly 230,000 square meters. There are comments that, "5 square kilometers of land planning will be around the price rise and fall, canton sales, into the last 60 days of the game." "Zhaoyanhua, Tan
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