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Hello, my name is Xiao Ming, friends are called, today I say I do the story of the station! To do the station also almost a year, to now have not a station to make, last year started to do pioneering home and shopping Network (now domain name is useless) You can see what it is now, do a good job last December, a very big station, Google included fast 20,000, Baidu was K, and now are not the link to my station is included, and some are also included this year, become this first Baidu was k to blame I did not do a good job to let Baidu included in the relationship, As a result, when the style was one weeks did not add content so was K, at that time also included thousands of, the site was done, Baidu also resubmitted, began to look for investors, and then did not succeed, intends to continue the next year, the site is my home every day to update.

It is time for the situation to appear, in the year 30 after 8 days, stop suddenly open, looking for space business said is the server was checked said a few days, although I did not back up the site and the database, but I believe the customer service, because that customer service has always been able to, after a few days I find they suddenly found customer service QQ not online, To the official not to go, then panicked this station but our team all the effort, I have worked hard for a few months, I do not believe that Baidu and Google search everywhere, the results found that a lot of stationmaster and I have been cheated, and many are looking for "gold Dimension Data" (Can Baidu Search) "Boss, Then I joined a lot of rights groups, and all the reports, report what use, I want is the data, finally although some customers get the data, but the start-up home of the server did not open, I was not sad, I comforted myself that this is a good thing, I can redesign the home, anyway, last year's station did not completely design good , and then I dissolved the team, changed QQ, change a lot can change, at home peace of mind for a good year, this is the time I have stayed at home for the longest winter vacation.

Statistics for the first time to do the station failure of their own loss of RMB3000 yuan, time 4 months, black hair has not been counted, 19 people team, the state is not fully recovered now do not know what the reason, but also has been a lot of experience.

After a year back to Wuhan and began to busy doing a new station, first look for space business, then met the Ai Wei, he is also the victim of Jin, we bought a lot of space together, but also did the agent, space to buy 5G, (I still did not learn the last lesson), believe the space business, space has but because of the team, And I have not the state, because my beautification is very bad, my request is high, have been waiting for the old Yang Xue, so I did not go to do pioneering home in January after the new year, but also did not idle, since nothing began to start the garbage station, space and bought a few, domain name is also non-stop to buy, garbage station is more and more, Space in the buy one months just a few problems, we also did not do, in this period also used a few free space, The best thing to do is and 517800 and the two or three from scratch, iisiis not a few months off, 517800 and self-made is a very good free space, not like 5944 of those rubbish space, but in fact, I have bought three 5G in the space, plus a lot of Evey, but because I am this Want to do that again want to do, so the space is not enough, think of the use of free, but free is always free, are very poor ah, or illegal site too many servers often hang.

Back to the theme, also do not know is not my RP problem, in our use of one months or so after the start of the Non-stop accident, not the server is to be traced everywhere to change lines, I have a station is navigation search, the site often not go, slow speed so how to let users do the home page, and then there is no way we began to look for new space, in the study of Daming and Evey found the Chinese name net, Evey also don't know how to do since also in Huaxia name net got agent, let originally very expensive space let we also bought up, and then daming first First go to buy space use, after use has been no problem, speed is also fast, also sent 10 subdirectories, see their own station often into not go, so go to waste station on the white do, has been I have done a network of agents, although the agency has done a lot of cheap but do not have the income has been spending, so the first only bought a space , put Lele online first moved past, to now I have more than 10 of the network space, but a few are free to go, first use for a few months, the name net itself is this activity, a few months may buy a server or VPS, virtual space is always unable to meet my entrepreneurial home and Lele online.

Now the network agent is also nearly two months, my station basically all moved to their own agent station, the station is now more stable, Baidu that included is more and more, the flow is more and more good, some included particularly good, good to the total number of stations are included how much, depressed! When it comes to Terry, he's already shut down, says he's being bought by cheap space, In fact, is the Chongqing God net below the station, cheap space is cheap but also very unstable, I and love Granville more than 20 space so wasted. Well, don't talk about them.

Made a network agent I also have to advertise my agency station, because I mainly at low price sales, plus my high quality pre-sales after-sales service, so there are also some customers, because I am also a webmaster so understand many and I like the webmaster can not afford to buy like a net such a space, now the cheater IDC too much, I have eaten many losses, For the name net I do not say more, just start think can give 9 points, now 8 points about it! But overall has been very good, I have a space domain name rights forum dedicated to exposing the garbage IDC and display quality IDC, I hope we have encountered a good or bad IDC have come to publicize this

All right, keep talking about my garbage stations, and now the station is basically moved to the net, at least a few months without worrying about the space problem, I have not forgotten to continue to do entrepreneurial home, but in Wuhan my heart has been unable to quiet down, not to mention the state, entrepreneurial home is a drag and drop, dragged to the present no progress, So now I left Wuhan, and I went home in two days, because I came back by bike. So the time to a little bit longer, go home without the control of those rubbish station, I put the statistics of the Cnzz deleted, now only a few master station, in addition to the world host need time a little more than the other time, After a period of time can be specialized to recruit a few customer service management can be, back home can calm down to do pioneering home, I hope in the rural quiet environment I can be a new entrepreneurial home to make, although now more and more entrepreneurial web site.

Speaking of the last I talk about how to do the garbage station, I never went to specialize in SEO optimization, and so on, because I started just simply to not let domain name idle, to now I have not to specialize in SEO optimization. I've always emphasized content first, good user access feeling first, site security and stability first, although I did not refuse to do this, but entrepreneurial home I will do so, and finally I hope that those and I do a lot of station friends do not like this, a good station, do not do too wide, Many things against its way and the guild has a very good effect, such as now do industry-type station, specifically for some enterprises to do, enterprises are most willing to invest money. So let's not keep doing movies, music, QQ, entertainment, portals, these want to do too many people, but also to do a lot of it is not good to make money, more I do not want to say, these months I am very faint, understand that many can still make it so, I hope we do not like me, Finally wish people with lofty ideals can complete their dreams, but also please take care of their own body, health first yo.


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