The soul of the jade Haina New Clothes-July 4 10 o'clock hot Open

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& ">nbsp; "Science and Technology" July 4 information, a long time to play the soul of Jade is a horizontal version of the large multiplayer online web game design, based on the ancient Chinese elements combined with fantasy background, has a profound cultural heritage. The role image and the scene set classical and not lose the current fashion sense, good and evil beauty ugly show no doubt.

Colorful role dress up, gorgeous combat animation, refined game settings, for this game's biggest bright spot. In particular, the combat skills of the system, regardless of the use of the effect and performance of the view, give the player a very good experience. There is also a copy of the game system, the replica has a large number of puzzle factors included, so that the player in the replica of the adventure is not only fighting, but also a playful need for teamwork to solve puzzles ...

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