To move a multiplayer K-song scene to a mobile phone: love to sing 4.0

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Mobile K song Application Love sing recently updated version 4.0 (now updated to 4.01), the biggest feature of this version update is the addition of a significant function: Users can open a room, each user can enter the room, in accordance with the order song, turn to their own time to start singing, each song will not be recorded. Or even more straightforward, just like a few friends sing KTV, but, we are not the entity to the room, but a virtual room. In fact, mobile phone KTV not only love to sing A, sing it after a lot of similar applications are emerging, for a time, many users will find that friends around the major social platforms are sharing their work. And almost every app will call itself "KTV on the phone." In fact, the previous way is still "micro-blog" type of sharing-to record their work, send out, other users listen to the tape, praise. Imagine the reality of friends to sing KTV, must be someone to sing well, some people sing bad, everyone take turns, everyone heard, is the scene of the performance. Although it is not possible to determine whether for this reason, there is no real data for textual research, but from my own situation, after a period of eruption, the friends around the frequency of sharing their songs has been greatly reduced. In the process of talking to the CEO Zhang Minghui, he told Pingwest, love to sing in the beginning of the launch, mainly to improve the mixing effect and other technical algorithms, the use of the form of a more common "micro-blog" type of sharing. Because their team's main members are very fond of singing, hope that a more close to the daily KTV form to provide users. Finally, the existing similar "voice chat room" Presentation mode is adopted: each user can establish their own "live room", other users can join this room, each user according to their own order song, turn to their own live singing, other users can communicate by way of words, encourage and so on. But Zhang Minghui explains that love singing and voice chat rooms have similar places in the technical level, but the big difference is that love sings the room with only "singing" as a function, and now and in the future will not provide a way to get priority by paying, so that every user has the same power to enjoy singing time. For the same type, or the same form of UGC applications, capturing the user is content, can let users pay is also content. If the KTV class application also uses this form, there is a more serious problem: when the user found that their song is not enough to achieve "high quality" level will affect the user's use of emotion, after all, singing is not like text, need to really sing to be able to. The use of the site will attract the user's factors from the "content" to "form", so that love to sing to meet the user "KTV with friends" needs, and then through the satisfaction of the demand to seize the user. User needs, sometimes more like a reincarnation, when applications, services, technology can do more, someDemand has returned to its original point. The novelty of the application will produce fatigue, but the existence of the need has been there. After the outbreak to seize the users of these needs, through scientific and technological progress to achieve through more ways, perhaps in the near future, we will be in their own living room through the application, while with friends video, while enjoying KTV fun.
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