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Links have quality and quantity is the most beneficial to search engine optimization of external links, and even determine the growth of the site height. Friends of the chain is achieved, even if the new station can be a qualitative leap, and if the random do link I am afraid the end will inevitably become the end of the garbage station. Therefore, in the friendship link, stationmaster all especially value link quality. However, friends of the chain exchange may not be satisfactory, there are always some qishidaoming people, cheat the achievements of others to achieve their own link value. The following goes into the topic we are going to talk about today, from the shallow to the deep to gradually uncover the idiomatic means.

One: Remove after exchanging links

The most humble qishidaoming, generally such webmaster often do not have what optimization level, is to use other people's inertia to achieve their own value. But such a station, presumably do not how to do, after discovering not with his theory what the reason for the cancellation of links, directly down the link is the most direct way. The way to prevent such means is often concerned about whether there is a link, on the one hand is to prevent the existence of the right to link, so that on the one hand is also the intentional deletion of the chain of friends.

Two: Invoke JavaScript Exchange

The javascript abbreviation is JS,JS. What's the feature? The biggest feature of SEO is that it can't be included in the search engine. At least not yet, so it has been used by a lot of people as a trick to cheat links. Seemingly exchanged links, but do not use tools to query, is not found in the problem. In general such a means of exchange is only used to cheat beginners. Do not question, because there are some people even basic code is not understand on the website.

Three: Add nofollow link

Compared to the first two levels of those qishidaoming tricks, the use of nofollow cheating has a certain technical. What does nofollow mean? Intended to tell the search engine, do not track word pages or a single link. The link was made so means that even if the spider climbed up, it would not pass out any weights. In general, many webmaster tools can find such a method. But also is not absolute, such as some blogs often use such methods to screen message links, when the Friendship Chain station message, link name and URL to display to the home page, it is easy to be mistaken for the use of cheating methods. More often than not, there is a need for artificial judgment.

Four: links are Robots.txt shielded

Robots.txt generation, for the site's security and optimization has brought a lot of convenience, can be said to be between the search engine and the webmaster Information transmission Bridge. The spider crawls to the website first not the homepage of the website, but robots.xtx file. To determine which information is accessible, what information can not be crawled. Therefore in the Friendship link North uses this technique, the final result will be how? Search engines must not be included. It seems that the exchange of links or cautious and cautious, to do a good job of observation ah!

Five: the genuine link means

How is the real thing? First of all, the other side gives the site is really he wants to link the station, your station he did give a link. As a direct example: "Www.*****.com/index.asp" is its homepage, but "www.****.com/index.html is also its homepage." But different really set the priority of the other is the latter HTML file as the end of the link as the home page, search engines even do included in this to carry out. Even, the former link, has not been detected by search engines throughout the collection. Can you imagine the final result? You've been fooled again. Check the link exists, remove the last file type, direct access to the main station is the best way.

Six: The false value of PR hijacking

No matter how Google to update the PR, the recent lack of a lot of regularity, and even subvert a lot of PR value. But the PR purchase is always a hot market. But PR must be true? Many stations to use the PR update on the eve of the PR of the hijacked, get the false PR for Exchange links, purchase links. Be careful with such qishidaoming.

How to Exchange to high-quality regular links, is the key to win the success of the site. Binary network together with professional website construction company Pilotage Technology ( that: solve the above problems is also very simple, hard-working a little, do not want to be too lazy, nothing more! Or use a lot of webmaster tools can solve the above problems.

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