Try to eat a small paper cup and detect the fluorescent material

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1 The expert uses the ruler to measure the printing paper cup pattern distance.    2 1th paper cups poured water half an hour later, deformation, softening.    3 expert shows the plastic film attached to the inner wall of the paper cup.    The 4 2nd Cup cup mouth emits a violet light under the ultraviolet lamp. 5 experts wiped the paper cups with cotton swabs dipped in ethanol solvents. (This version of photography/intern Yang Cheng) Disposable paper cups have gradually become a common product in people's lives, but also closely related to health.  Paper cup new national standard June 1, this reporter for this random from supermarkets, markets, restaurants and so on to buy or pick up more than 10 paper cup samples, please International Food Packaging Association secretary General, food packaging expert Dong Jin Lions for everyone to do 5 of small paper cup experiment. The results showed that 10 of the tested cups were "substandard" according to the new standard printing distance. Part of the wholesale market is prone to deformation of the paper cups, individual seepage phenomenon.  What's more, consumer vigilance is often used in supermarkets for free drinks, food to eat small paper cups, was found to contain more fluorescent substances.  Experiment 1 Printing pattern distance All "substandard" experiment purpose: Test the market on the paper cups, printing patterns are consistent with the new standard experimental process: one by one measuring the size of the wholesale market, supermarkets, breakfast points in different sizes of 10 cups, from the cup mouth, the bottom of the cup to measure the nearest printing pattern distance. Results: The measurement found that 10 sample cups did not meet the new national standard of the paper Cup.  Wholesale Market 2nd Cup, Breakfast point of the sale of soya-bean milk cup, supermarket coffee tasting cup, supermarket sour Tea tasting cup, a meal enterprise drink cup, cup body full printed pattern.  Among them in the supermarket to buy paper cups, wholesale market 1th cup pattern from the cup mouth 8mm, Wholesale Market 3rd Cup pattern from the cup mouth 7mm. "Remind" Dong Golden Lion pointed out that, from the experiment, 10 cups print pattern distance from the cup is not in line with the new GB requirements. June 1 after the two standard paper cups will appear in the market, but the public to buy a paper cup to pay attention to the distance of the cup, it is best not to buy all over the printed paper cups.
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