Two public hospital mergers and acquisitions path exposure in Beijing

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Financial Weekly Trainee reporter Wu Xuguang/wen "2014.07.28 Financial weekly robbery Report No. No. 002" for the medical profession, the number of medical resources is the core of the development of medical groups. As for Peking University medical treatment, the merger and acquisition is one of the important means of its layout medical network. "Beijing University Medical department fully nurtured the Beijing University medical, mergers and acquisitions is an important means of expansion, we will be in the acquisition of hospital on the road to continue to exert force." However, mergers and acquisitions are not the whole of our strategic layout, according to the specific circumstances we will take the self-construction, funds and other means of trusteeship. "Beijing University Medical Industry Group Strategy Department director Li Mingxu told the financial weekly reporter." May 2013, founder Group and Peking University Medical department signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides in the subject construction, medical management and other aspects of strengthening cooperation. In August of that year, renamed "Beida Medical Industry Group Co., Ltd." For the renamed Peking University Medical Treatment, hospital management, investment and asset management will become a part of their future development business. Hospitals have always been the top of medical mergers and acquisitions in Peking University. The choice of the specific standard, the Peking University medical treatment takes the public hospital and the private hospital two-pronged acquisition strategy. From the tactical, basically is to buy an integrated family, the condition of mature injection into the listed companies. In the way of acquisition intervention, in August 2013, after competing with other capital Giants, Beida successfully acquired the three-level non-profit hospital Zhuzhou Kai Tak Hospital. In the two months after the acquisition, Peking University Medical service quickly jieping the center of the Urology center in the Zhuzhou hospital. On the equity level, the Beijing University medical Industry holding a 80% stake in the Kai Tak Hospital, the management holds 20% shares, Peking University medical treatment occupies the absolute leading power, but also to the management of the corresponding incentives and comfort. After the completion of the acquisition, Peking University Medical department has also organized a number of experts on-site to do the subject evaluation, the main discipline to send doctors and hospitals from personnel, doctors, finance, engineering construction, key disciplines to build guidance. In the first quarter of this year, Kay's Hospital outpatient and business receipts increased by more than 30%. March 2014, founder Group's Peking University medical and Guiyang government reached a strategic agreement to invest 3 billion yuan in Guiyang second People's Hospital and Guiyang four People's Hospital. An industry close to the transaction told the Financial weekly reporter that this and guiyang two public hospitals in the property rights cooperation will adopt the acquisition model, "different from the former Beijing University medical custody and other forms, will be different from China resources and other cooperation models, hoping to become a new attempt to reform the public hospitals." ”
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