Tyson comes to China to play "cold fight"

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September 16, former world champion Tyson at JW Marriott Hotel, Beijing, participated in a "Happy boxing, healthy China" public service activities. In the past one months, boxing "beast" frequently in micro-blog interaction with netizens, in addition to pretend ignorance of the inquiry, the Sun betrayed Meng Pictures. Even more surprising is that Tyson in the "Happy Boxing, healthy China" activity scene, with beauty fitness coaches and the mainland Superman sweet singer Pei Qi, played a set of "cold fitness boxing", so that the scene guests can not help but exclaim, the original "beast" Tyson could be so Meng! Tyson attends "Happy Boxing, healthy China" Public interest activities as this time "happy Boxing, health China" The big play in the public welfare activities, the world heavyweight boxing champion Tyson in a Beijing Sports University's beauty coach, as well as the mainland Superman gas sweet singer Pei Qi, led the scene five groups from the Chaoyang Experimental Primary School "happy family", Play against the cold and physical fitness, "anti-cold fitness boxing." The champ is a change KO opponent's macho image, out of the fist after unexpectedly posing scissors hand, and children sell Meng photo. Tyson played "cold fitness boxing" since September 13, Tyson first published on his personal microblog "happy boxing, healthy China" poster, netizens will spit slot, this is to come to China to sell Meng Rhythm! On the afternoon of 16th, he was regarded as the "beast" of the champ Tyson, dressed in a white suit, once unveiled "Happy boxing, Healthy China "public welfare activities on the scene will cause a sensation. In the interactive communication with the host, Tyson bluntly, want to see Chinese children more participate in boxing, become stronger. And in the interaction with the children, the champion of the development of a cordial, friendly image. Tyson teaches a beautiful fan boxing according to the activities of the organizer of the introduction of quick grams, the champ Tyson has a strong physique, unyielding will, punches up to 13 times per second, is the world's fastest boxing people, especially in the face of life setbacks, bravely facing, and committed to boxing campaign in the global promotion, It was Tyson who played an important role in the promotion of the public service. Previously involved in "who dare to PK Tyson" online collection of 4 Lucky netizens, the scene to challenge Tyson's "13 boxing per second" historical record, stood aside Tyson is to each of the contestants have put forward a professional comment. Tyson has a strong physique organizers said the public service aims to appeal to people in the autumn and winter colds more season, fitness and prevention, rational use of drugs. Tyson's "Cold Health boxing" is the combination of people in the exercise of the habit of action and autumn and winter season characteristics, the integration of boxing skills introduced a set of easy to practice, popular fitness boxing. With the help of happy boxing, improve people's physical and mental health, play the role of fitness prevention. The quick gram also said, the champion Tyson has the quick punches the characteristic, also is with the quick gram transmission "fast" the Spirit, the cold medicine pursues "The quick cure Cold" the demand to coincide.
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