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As the saying goes: The beginning of everything is difficult! So share with you, Knight Station group system experience. The Ancients had a cloud: take one step at a step. Come with me in combat. From one step to the next.

Our plan:

1. Establish a publishing point, collect useful articles, publish articles, optimize, fully automatic.

2. Establish multiple publishing points, multi-task (different types) at the same time running, optimization, fully automatic.

3. Establish any program release point, establish arbitrary site crawl, advanced features detailed explanation and actual combat.

3. The station group actual combat, the round chain actual combat.

This sharing absolute fool, absolutely easy to understand, master can skip, novice can see. Thank you, thank you ~~~!!

Share use: Dedecms 5.7SP1

Knight Station Group: Warrior Station Group engine version 2012

Prepare action:

1. Purchase domain name, space, install DEDECMS program and set up a good database.

2. Download the free version or purchase toll Knight software, the basic function is the same, no big difference. Download address:, purchase address:

3. Install the Knight Software: Register the account number, and login account to start the software.

The starting interface is as follows:

(1) Main interface


To create a site, set up a site:

Let's start by looking at the picture.

1. Click on the Red section to open the Task Manager.


2.3. Right-click on the group to create a new publishing point (site).


4. Fill in the name and description of the publishing point.


5. Select the library to use for future preparation.


6. Select the release and Capture module.

Module Selection Reference Second floor


7. Fill in the publishing point, the background information of the website.


If you fill in the No problem, click on the login test can see the success of the following figure tips,

If the error, check the background address is correct. Background address to http://start/end, account and password is correct, etc.


Click on the category management to see if the classification can be read.


Status window, you can also see if it was successful.


Classification no problem, you can test the release, click the release test.



Site Backstage Appearance:


OK. At this point, the underlying settings are complete. Let's move on!

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