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Yesterday wrote a page about the title optimization skills, today and everyone to chat about the page of the Meta description description How to write is a high-quality description. First we take a look at what is the "description" of the Web page, the results of search engines to show how the way, illustrated:

I use the red box circle, that is, Baidu search results show the corresponding page of the meta description of the META tag description attributes of the specific content.

So where does the meta description go? and title writing is different, description content is in most cases need to manually fill in, such as the current WordPress Web site backstage, you can use the SEO plug-in to achieve each article Description manual fill, can also automatically crawl fill out a good summary as Description, and some of the majority of corporate web site CMS Backstage, have provided a meta tag title,description, and keywords manual fill or automatically fill in. So where is the source code of the Web page? Icon (Red underline):


It is not difficult to find that the red underline is the content of the Meta tag description code to write the way. But here you may have a question, description content and Baidu search results content is inconsistent (compared to the previous figure). Yes, sometimes there are inconsistencies, and this is where search engine intelligence and algorithms are good: Search engines typically display the content set in the description attribute code, but when there is more relevance to the search term, Automatically crawls the content on the page as a description rendering in the search results. Look at the following two pictures:

Normal display:


The content of the crawl dependencies is displayed:


Baidu, Google, currently support this algorithm, Tencent Soso, Sogou, 360 search did not test each, here is not an example. So, here, the meta description of the Web page description how to write a high quality? Or do you want to write? Now share some of my experiences with you:

1,description description must be written, but do not stack a large number of keywords, especially the description content of the home page, write should be a paragraph, and you want to promote the important information in the first sentence, that is, and then the entire description of the content is not faulty, A passage that can be read normally;

2, remember, description first words as far as possible not to write the company name, if you advocate brand, it can (such as Jingdong Mall, Taobao and other brands as the main keyword), otherwise you should write your main push product name, or your target keyword, this and title writing has a similar intention.

For example, you are doing electronic moistureproof box, so the description can be written as follows: professional production of electronic moisture-proof box, drying box, nitrogen cabinet, with the world's top humidity control of Queensland Shan Gan Dr. Moistureproof box manufacturers, designated suppliers for aerospace group, Welcome to inquire: 88888888.

Rather than first write the company name, and then a lot of keywords, and then add the phone, such as: xxxxx XXXXXXXXXXXX Company, electronic moistureproof box, drying box, nitrogen cabinet manufacturer, has the world's top humidity control technology for aerospace group designated suppliers, Tel 88888888.

3,description content characters do not exceed 200 bytes, spaces, punctuation count byte, Chinese punctuation count 2 bytes, search engine generally displays only 80 Chinese characters or 160 letters, the reason is recommended 200 bytes, like title, Description also extracts 160 bytes of content from any section of the search that is more relevant to the keyword.

4,description content at the end of a paragraph, to leave a specific contact such as telephone, contact QQ, the company's address, this information will use the description content of the display number of search keywords to the potential customers leave the impression and trust degree plus points; Or use the call statement as the end, to guide the user to learn more should click in to get more information, such as "go to the website to learn more", such as "more details ..."

5,description content does not necessarily have to do all-inclusive, as long as highlighted a you think the most important need to promote to the potential customers to see the information on it, other you think is also very important content or some keywords, can be placed in the middle of the description position or is the end of the sentence, There is also a reasonable layout of the content of the Web page (such as the first paragraph of the content of the page, the middle part, or the last paragraph);

6,description content can be updated irregularly, in order to present to the search user some more close to the actual information (such as the official website is promotion, phone number change, office address change, etc.), but also not too often, changes can not be too large, the content of your Web page to change the core explanation is not sure Many times the big change is affects the weight to cause the rank to be unstable;

7,description content in some article pages, a large number of long last page does not necessarily need to write every article, random, natural, otherwise each page has a clear trace of optimization, to a certain amount, in search engines are easily judged as excessive optimization;

8,description content Writing also need to note that as far as possible to use some of the more consistent with your company or product strength of the description, there can be some modification of their own statements, but do not exaggerate their words, exaggerated the strength of the company, or exaggerated the function of the product, yes, Sometimes exaggerating some of the easier to guide users to come in or contact you, but came in and found that the actual drop is very large, this situation search engine can be traced to the analysis,

For example, the same person in Baidu search for the iphone screen repair, the results came in to find that it is not maintenance, but recommended to buy a new screen, or even because of the search for the iphone screen repair the word, the landing page is actually recommended millet mobile phone, then this person if back to search the iphone Screen repair, and found a suitable maintenance provider, Baidu Google will record the user's behavior and analysis, many times after the accumulation, the final judgment for your Web page is false, exaggerated, and finally put your ranking down, the plot of the serious will k your station!

OK, so much today, or quote the online very hot paragraph as the end: You are doing sales, or marketing? marketing is to see the customer to sell your product, market is the first analysis of what customers need, and then to the customer the right product.

The good description is to analyze the user's needs, find the focus and pain point, show the user see what he should see information. Do you want to sell or do marketing?

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