Webmaster should learn from the ancients how to do SEO

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SEO from Contact to now, calculate up to almost a year or so, the first half of the more impetuous, the second half of the study for a while, just from full-time to do the site out of a job, so I try to SEO means to plan and design a site, so from the program to the interface, to optimize a brand new site on the venture out, Through their own constantly updated maintenance, the site embodies the keywords basically in Baidu are a bit ranked. In the time of doing, some experience also some experience, exactly one day I chat with friends, also talked about SEO this piece. My friend is a technical expert, often pointing to me, a search engine, told me about the realization of the essence of this thing, so also learned a lot of experience. So, when I come back, I combine these into two main points, expressed in ancient verses.

Shanfanjiujian apart Tree

This sentence can be understood in this way, one of the means of SEO is to make the structure of the site clear and straight, do not do a lot of fork, this will seriously lead to the search engine crawling speed, the deletion of the network is the structure of the flat, Jane is to have inductive to have guidance, to the autumn tree one day, the foliage fell out of the light, The whole branch of the veins fell clear to follow.

It is absolutely an important reference point to simplify the network structure. I believe that you SEO experts have a certain sense of recognition.

Second, unconventional softwares flower

Network now say in doing content, actually do content how many? especially personal stationmaster, do original thing, really difficult. So we formed an industry unspoken rule is false original, whether false original or original, are for a word: "new". Only new things, then search engines will like.

Novelty is to do content, do new content, do not appear new content. It is difficult to do novelty, it is to use words to express, because for the search, only the words they recognized. How to do unconventional, estimated this is the webmaster to consider the problem, especially when the station.

SEO million change, content is always the first, softwares flowers are brilliant and beautiful, is how you do Shanfanjiujian, and then do unconventional.

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