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Website survival is what the traffic. No flow of big ambition is also empty talk, the site did a good job no one to see also useless. Do not expect a few days to reach tens of thousands of IP, online there are many of these things to induce people, what brush flow tools, and even some content that is two months can reach hundreds of thousands of IP, is 6188.html "> unreliable." Don't be a sucker, real traffic is the most real. The site where users and search engines are kept is successful. Here to share their feelings: the site thick and thin hair, and steadily improve the site traffic.

One: the way to decide

The prerequisite for making a website is that you have to understand what you are doing and what kind of road you are going to embark on. How much it is possible to get what you want to live. After the definition of this prerequisite, what kind of efforts to achieve the final results. Do not say "persistence is victory", not reliable, according to their actual situation to analyze and then to conclude. Sometimes, the wrong direction, even if the insistence is the opposite.

Two: Defining the core idea

Take what you can to surpass your competitors, and what you have built is something that attracts users and search engines. Define a core of the idea is for the development of the site to find a way out, no thought webmaster do out of the stuff is just a bunch of program code, and the real site can focus on a core idea of the overall performance, can be in the future development can have a stable appreciation space.

Third: Strengthen Self-construction

Be good at induction, study, summary, as a webmaster you have to always understand what netizens need, how to improve their own. Strengthening their own construction is not simply a summary of the network on the article, hair netizens like things. To all aspects of the analysis of the site need to improve things, such as server resources, such as search engine optimization, but also the use of netizens in the heart to do things. Want to highlight themselves in millions of sites, only to continue to explore the establishment of a sound operating system can be out of the possibility.

Four: Improve the quality of inclusion

Included in the improvement of quality is not only the number of Ascension, should be included in the page weight promotion. Many sites in the collection of thousands of or even tens of thousands of pages, traffic is still little poor. The reason is that there are quantity and low weight quality. How to improve the quality of included in this article before the "Search engine optimization strategy" is divided into four sections, which mainly aimed at how to optimize the search engine to do a detailed discussion, interested friends can search.

Five: The outside chain Law increment

Webmaster know the weight of the site is a large part of the chain is affected. But the more the outside chain does not necessarily effect the better, and how many people think about it. The chain depends on how you do it. is to do quantity, or do quality. Today hundreds of, a few tomorrow, the day after. This kind of outside chain effect usually does not have the good function, may also possibly by the search engine lists the cheat list. Therefore, the hair outside the chain to have a fixed law. Outside the chain to do more, but it must have its effect. Otherwise, not only the Kungfu wasted, but also bring unnecessary trouble. Another method is to do a number of high-quality outside the chain, from the high weight of the site out of the chain effect is also the best, more conducive to the increase in the weight of the site. Although the chain is not much, but expensive in fine.

Six: Learn to promote effectively

Effective promotion is not just for customers to browse your page on the OK things, so many rogue software can be done. Effective promotion refers to the user natural visit can be very smooth point into your site to check the entertainment and other activities, bring such effects only a long time to accumulate your users. Otherwise, do the window today to bring thousands of million traffic, tomorrow advertising, the flow of all lost. What is the effect of such a promotion? The value of spending money is the most effective. As for effective promotion we can obtain through various channels: value content creation, blog exchange, QQ communication, microblogging, and so on, as long as you are willing to work hard will find your part of the customer base.

Summary: Steadily improve their flow, do their own, do not think of anything. Flow will naturally find the door, I believe that the heaven will be paid. This article source: http://www.petyoo.com Spoil Friend Net original, reprint please specify! A5 first Press.

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