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Everyone stationmaster Good, website operation has been the enterprise, the website has been a headache for a long time, then the following from the success of the case to talk about, to everyone to reveal the whole process of Web site planning, I hope to help you!


Website Planning Process

1, determine the location of the site

1.1, determine the purpose of the site positioning

A, determine the site positioning can be conducive to the operation of the Web site development direction of the control

b, all planning around the site to expand the location

1.2, how to determine the location of the site (small is the United States)

A, site positioning must consider the market prospects: to find cost-effective market space

B, site positioning must consider the user's new requirements: To find unmet user needs

C, site positioning must consider competitors: find a unique competitive advantage

1.3. How to determine the user group of the website

A, determine the meaning of the site user community

1. Can determine whether the site has commercial potential

2. The website user group to the product planning and the operation has the point significance

b, the website target user's attribute analysis

1. Age

2. Gender

3. Regional

4. Education

5. Income

6. Occupation

7. Interest

C, determine the core user base from the point of view of user value and business value

1. Determine the types of products and services available from the user's value perspective

2. Determine core user base from market size, development potential, competitive position and profitability

2. Website content Planning

2.1, the content of the website

A, text

b, picture

C, Audio

D, Video

E, E, TC 、..

2.2, Site Content planning focus

A, content is the soul of the website

B, content must have its own characteristics

C, from single to pluralistic step-by-step

2.3, the site content planning to solve the problem

A, the construction of website content structure

1. Determine the site's main products and services

A) compliance with site positioning

b to meet user needs

c) Competitiveness

d The cost and risk of web content

2. Organize the main products and services in a proper way

3. Determine the main content of specific products and services and their logical relationship

4. Matters needing attention:

A) not influenced by traditional content organization

b The framework requires a base point

b, the specific product rules and procedures

1. The rules involved in product content development

(a) Establish rules based on site objectives and positioning

b The rules of the Web site should consider the commercial value, must not follow the user's need to go completely

(c) Full mastery of information that facilitates decision-making on product rules

D Team Collaboration

E product rules and procedures to serve the site positioning and objectives

2. Product Process Development

(a) Use the website as conveniently as possible according to the usage of the target user group

b The process should serve the purpose and location of the website

3, Website design planning

3.1. The purpose of website design

Express the idea and value of the website through the embodiment of the style

3.2, website design planning content

A, to determine the overall style of the site key points

A to determine the tone of the website (the overall tone of the website design is the basis of web design work)

b based on the site's location and objectives

C should ensure the consistency of the site's overall positioning (design style)

D based on the site's user base (goal to achieve easy to use, credibility, beauty)

E) Age Level

f) Class

g) Specific population

B. Determine how the Web page behaves

1. Select the color of the website

A select the main colors of the site (color of the warm and cold, highlighting level)

b Color preferably no more than 5 kinds

2. Select the font for your Web site

A) font

b) Font size

c) Color

D) Interval

3. Interface Design

A the expression of web elements

The expression of Web element is not only the problem of interface design, but also the problem of user experience, which needs to be perfected in operation.

b The integration of the Web page elements of the balance (the overall web page to have a harmonious, coordinated aesthetic), breathable (the Web page is best to leave some blank)

C) Classification

A, search Simple type

B, Portal integrated

C, SNS functional type

D, e-commerce

E, video site-type

F, TC 、...

4, Website Usability planning

4.1, the purpose of the ease of planning

Ease of use plays a decisive role: by improving the usability of the website, the user experience rate can be improved

4.2, the key point of ease of use

A, the core of ease of use to focus

B, clear

C, the focus of the content in the user's easy to find location

D, product flow of the Fool

E, unified design style

F, more user-friendly access

G, usability testing (user experience)

H, website navigation usability analysis

Site navigation reflects the content structure of the site

How Web content is organized and presented

5, Website Technology planning

5.1, Website technology planning content

A, program development

B, operating environment

5.2. Program Planning

A, planners and technicians to clear the planning content, that is, the use of procedures to organize the transfer of various functional elements

b, to determine the rules and processes of individual elements

5.3, the foundation of the website operation

A, choose the right server, programming language and database

b, the access mode of the website

A, virtual host

B, Hosting

C, dedicated line access

D, Web site security precautions

6, the establishment of planning documents

6.1, the content of the planning document

A. The necessity of establishing normative documents

1. Facilitate the communication between planners to ensure that the document is the intention of the common staff

2. Documentation is a tool for planners to communicate with designers and web site developers

3. The fastest access to project members

4. Promote the promotion of website product and follow up development

5. Help to improve the efficiency of development

B. Classification of planning documents

1. Site Menu Map (according to tree structure, level 123)

2. Web page file directory structure document

A The unique number (ID) of the Web page file

B Page Theme Name

c) file name

d) file-owning classification and directory structure

e) Whether you need to eject

f) Remarks

3. Product Flow Chart

4. Rules Document

5. Page Model Diagram

A the number of the Web page

b Web page name and storage directory

C page title, META, label

d The elements and layout of the page

E The description of the Web page

6. Website Design Keynote Document

A The design objectives of the website

b The tone of the website

C Web site Fonts

D Web site log, O

E website Interface Structure

7. Website Project Implementation Plan

7.1, the Website project implementation plan

A, Time plan

B. Manpower planning

C. Budget plan

D, Task decomposition

E. Resource matching

1. Identification of project members

2. Development difficulty and size of development

3. Ability of project team personnel

4. Deadline for projects

5. The budget of the project

F. Pay attention to problems

1. Ensure that all project members are fully aware of the development plan

2. Need to establish good feedback mechanisms

3. Project development Plan has a deadline

4. Ensure that project members are assigned only one category at a time

5. Manage Documents Well

6. Manage the budget well

7. Risk Management

8. Customer Management

9. Website Test

7.2, the website test and on-line

A, the specific content of the website test

1. Functional Testing

2. User Operation test

3. Browser and operating system test

4. Speed Test

5. Load test

6. Security Testing

b, the website on-line

8, website Promotion planning

8.1, the purpose of the website promotion

A, let everyone know your site

b, make all people interested in your content and service

C. Against competitors

8.2, website Promotion preparation

A, analysis of the site's target user group behavior mode

B, review and evaluation of other sites to promote the way

C, the Web site to promote the cost and benefit of the estimation

D, the site to promote the phased goal

E, Web site in different stages to adopt different promotional strategies

F. Establishing a generalized effectiveness evaluation mechanism

8.3, website promotion content

A, search engine promotion

1. Web Spider-Style search engine promotion

A) Search engine optimization

b) Keyword ads

c) Keyword bidding rankings

d) Web content positioning ads

e access to the free catalogue

(f) Landing payment categories

2. Host and Domain choice

3. Selection of keywords

A Select keywords

1, from the user search information to consider the point of view

2, the key words to be specific

(b) Consideration of competitors

c) The density of the keyword

d) Location of keywords

4. Website link strategy

A) do not blindly make external links, if the quality of external links is not high, not conducive to ranking promotion

b Access to quality external links

1, the search for Web cooperation, exchange links

2, through we, B, 2.0 means, in the important site to publish articles

3. Submit your website to search engine

C In addition to import links, should be appropriate to export links and internal connections to improve search engine rankings

5. Web page optimization

A) Web page weight loss

b Picture and flash optimization

(c) Dynamic Web page static

b, the promotion of Community marketing

1. Blog Promotion

2.SNS website Promotion

3. NET Picks Promotion

4. Classified information Website Promotion

5. Forum Promotion

6. Knowledge question-and-answer promotion (Baidu know, ask)

C. Cooperation and promotion of commercial resources

D, viral marketing-type promotion

E, offline promotion

F, other ...

9. Website Operation Planning

Operation of the pros and cons of a Web site is a key factor in the future, the purpose is to constantly resolve contradictions.

9.1, the operation of the content

Pulse the status of the website, monitor the whole situation (the data can show the operation of the website)

1. Web Site Traffic Analysis

A The trend of website traffic can predict the development foreground of the website in a sense

b website Traffic analysis can analyze the user viscosity of the site

C Website Traffic analysis can excavate the distribution of important content of the site, the site content management and the site's product planning to provide direction

d Site Traffic analysis can tell the site is currently in the competitive position

2. User behavior analysis of the website

A) User properties

B User Behavior

1, User basic action Analysis

2, User trajectory analysis

3. Correlation analysis

4. Classification and feature analysis

5. OP Analysis

3. Profitability analysis of the website

A) expenditure

b) Income

b, according to the overall strategic objectives of the site, the development of phased goals

1. Flow target

2. User Goals

3. Revenue target

C, according to the website strategic objectives and specific operating conditions to develop specific operational measures

1. Website Content Management

2. Website User Management

3. Web Services Security Management

(a) Objective-oriented development and implementation of operational measures

b The operation of the website requires systematic specification

The above is to change the bar ( since the operation, summed up the complete process, I hope that the Internet practitioners have helped!

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