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Many small and medium-sized enterprises in China have begun to realize the importance of network marketing, and it is well known that SEO is a cheap and affordable means of network marketing, then some small and medium enterprises how to layout and optimize the relevant industry words to develop the network market? I've been providing optimization services for corporate websites for over a year, Below to talk about their own views, layout keywords and optimization keywords are some skills to say.

The layout of keywords of website

The General Enterprise website's column is not many, basically is "about us" "Contact Us" "News" "Product Catalog" "online message" These categories, and most of the site is short of news content, every day also did not regularly update the content of the site, causing the site to become a zombie station, at most is a business card, There is no sense of excitement, as the business owner imagines, of selling channels through the web, like the one they spent on building the station. After choosing a good keyword in a website, how to layout these words is a learning. For Baidu, will generally give the home page very high weight, so many people like to put all the words to optimize the home page, which will cause the site "top-heavy", then the keyword ranking Natural station instability, the basic short time effective, but after several iterations of the search engine algorithm, many words will begin to drop down. First, the home page focuses on optimizing the industry's 2 to 3 core words, for example, write "anti-channeling Goods _ Security Label _ Order System | Select Technology", so that a few core words refined to the home page focus on optimization, and then in the Column page optimization related keywords, such as news information column optimization related word "security Code" or "string goods" and so on, This lets the column page's words support the homepage, this is the second layer. The third layer is the content page, specific to each page can be extracted a long tail word, this long tail is in the core word or the word expansion of the column, so as the third layer of the number of pages, the second level of the column page has been a certain weight, and then the first level of the homepage weight will be further enhanced, the "pyramid" Style of the structure can make the overall weight of the site to be promoted, then the ranking naturally will not be too bad.

The layout of relevant keywords in the article

Many people like to pile up a lot of keywords in the article, some even in an article to optimize a lot of keywords, this layout is unreasonable, and will not get a good ranking. The correct reasonable way is, the general article content page title is called the title of the article, so must be reasonable in the article title Embedded keywords, and the more first appear the better. For example, in an article to optimize the word "anti-channeling goods", so you can write the title of this article "anti-channeling goods to talk about market analysis framework and model", the title first appeared to optimize the word, so that the search engine to determine the article is around the core words to write, will also help it find the gist of the article. In addition to the article title, the content of the key words in the article layout is particularly important, the first paragraph of the article must appear 2 to 3 keywords, and the sooner the better, my habit is in the first paragraph of the article in front of this write "anti-channeling goods editor's note," plus these words do not affect the user experience, while you can improve the weight of the whole site keyword. Article in the middle of a reasonable 3 key words, the end of the article is also a reasonable occurrence of 2 keywords, such an article of the keyword layout is done. And besides, I have a habit of increasing the frequency of all the keywords. like at the end of each article to add a paragraph, such as "Selected technology is a full shareholding company, for customer enterprises to provide channeling goods, serial goods, drug channeling goods, security systems, security labels, anti-counterfeiting identification, security code, digital Security, Professional service in order system and anti-channeling goods. "And then put all the places where the key words are linked to the site, link to the home page, this to a certain extent does not belong to cheating, just to improve the number of keyword occurrences." The layout of the key words in the article depends on the individual to control, after all, the length of each article is different, the number of keywords appear also vary.

Three, some details of the keyword layout

In addition to the above mentioned key words to appear outside, the site also has a number of details of the layout of the key words, not too much can not be less, many effects are not good, less effect is not obvious. For example, some uses the Flash navigation Enterprise website, because the search engine cannot find the entrance to crawl the article content, then must in the homepage bottom with the key words to set up some links to the related column, here only provides the information entrance for the search engine, but is not the so-called "the secondary navigation". And, we know that the bottom of the general website will have copyright-related information, such as "powerd by xxx", and if we replace the relevant keywords XXX, the effect of natural is also good, my interactive projection of the site is to use this way, because the home page does not have a connection to the homepage, So that's it. In addition to these two, there is a good place to set the keyword is the image of the Alt attribute, we know that the search engine is unable to parse the picture, then Alt is to help the search engine to understand the role of the image, but also a prerequisite is that we can not in a picture of a lot of words Instead, you need to describe exactly what the picture is meant to say. A picture of alt use "anti-channeling goods" and "channeling Knowledge overview" which is the best of these two ways? I think everyone knows the right way back. So the details to see the truth, in fact, SEO is to be careful, grasp the details, at the same time to achieve the ultimate, then I think the layout of the keywords should be no problem.

Look at this article also wrote a lot of, temporarily write to this, summed up, this article mainly discusses how the Enterprise website layout keyword, for the enterprise station, can do these three big aspect, I thought the layout keyword this piece should not be the question. and keyword layout has always been a headache for everyone, a reasonable layout of the key words can reduce many other work, the same can achieve a multiplier effect, so how to layout good keywords of the site is that we all should pay attention to the problem. This article by Anti-channeling goods original, starting A5, Welcome to reprint.

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